Top Must Have Items for Wedding Caterers & Banquet Facilities

Top Must Have Items for Wedding Caterers & Banquet Facilities

Top Must Have Items for Wedding Caterers & Banquet Facilities

One of the biggest nightmares for caterers is showing up at a wedding ceremony without proper equipment. Not only is the taste of food important for their business, but it’s also vital for their impeccable service, the presentation of the food and professionalism. All of these are equally important factors for any wedding caterer, so, logically, investing in state-of-the-art equipment is a definite imperative. And they know it. However, if you wanted to know what the things that every wedding caterer or banquet facility should have or invest in, take a look at the following list.

Top Must Have Items for Wedding Caterers & Banquet Facilities

Food carriers and buffet equipment

One of the most important things for any caterer is the transportation of prepared foods. Since maintaining proper temperature and keeping the quality of food intact is very important for many dishes, you should invest in the best food carriers there are. Moreover, caterers should have appropriate beverage carriers that will safely transport drinks to the event site. Once there, it’s crucial to make the buffet table, and know that this is something that people judge the most. You need to make sure you decorate it in the most beautiful way, and this is why investing in great decorations and high-quality buffet equipment such as trays and bowls is also very important.

Kitchen equipment

It doesn’t matter if you’re cooking in your own premises or using the onsite kitchen, having good kitchen equipment should definitely be your priority. Even though many will judge your company based on the looks of the buffet table, professionalism and service, your food also plays a huge role in this process. That is why you should try to find the best appliances there are. Since you want to have top notch appliances and be energy friendly, one of the best choices are the Electrolux refrigerators and ovens, as they are Energy Star rated. Your hard work in being eco-friendly and providing the best food and service will make you one of the best catering companies out there. This is why you shouldn’t try to save money on kitchen equipment – investing in high-quality pieces will most definitely pay off.


Another necessity for any catering company is the tableware, especially if you’re about to cater for an upscale event, such as a wedding or a gala. That is why every great catering company should pay attention to the most important elements – dinner plates, silverware, soup balls and salad plates. Moreover, if you really want to make an impression, investing in other, seemingly minor, elements such as coffee cups, saucers, bread plates and pitchers is also very advisable. Don’t forget the table accessories that we mentioned above – get some excellent and minimalistic teapots and salt shakers to make the whole table atmosphere the best you can.

Linens and uniforms

You might as well have everything from the list, but you can put it on a naked table, can you? That is why you should strive to always have great tablecloths with you. Make sure to choose white, as they are always very formal and still look amazing. Moreover, your tables will look perfect photographed with white linens. However, if your goal is to cater for as many diverse events as possible, you can also go with tablecloths of different colors, just to make it interesting, but be aware that you really need to have an aesthetic eye in order not to go over the top. And finally, since good service can make or break any event, you really want to have nice uniforms for all your caterers. Opt for ones that are very minimalistic, yet very classy. These impressions matter, so don’t try to skip them.

If you choose to run a catering company or a banquet facility, you should definitely know that it’s not only the food that’s important, but the whole experience. This is why you should try hard to make your company stand out from the crowd, and investing in the proper equipment and accessories is the key for that. Good luck!

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