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Many people are finding they want something a little different from traditional wedding venues.

A Large Venue, Like a Sport's Stadium

Many people are finding they want something a little different from traditional wedding venues.

3 Unique Wedding Venues to Match Your Interests

Instead of the church, couples want something that speaks to their interests. If you feel that way, here’s a few unique wedding venues you can consider. 

The Place Where You First Met

Where did you first meet your partner? That meeting place may work well as a wedding venue. It’s almost certainly not a traditional venue, and it comes with meaning and real emotion attached to it. It also offers a unique experience. 

Depending on where you first met, you may have some obstacles to overcome. For example, if the place wasn’t an establishment that you could book, you will need to find the people in charge and ask permission. If you met at a friend’s house, or on private property, you will need to speak with the property owner. 

It’s not impossible, and you may have to do some legwork, but the process will make the ceremony even more special. 

A Museum or Cultural Center

Do you like theater? Are you a fan of art of any sort? What about the movies? Why not surround yourself with the cultural objects you love. Museums and theaters make for amazing wedding venues. 

Many cultural and arts centers will allow you to book a wedding. Even movie theaters will let you if you ask. Imagine a ceremony on stage, or with pieces of artwork as the backdrop. You can even add a little creativity and have a film of you and your partner playing on the big screen at a movie theater. 

Usually, simply asking is all it takes. Even if the location doesn’t advertise itself as a leasable venue, they may let you hold a ceremony there if you ask the owner. 

A Large Venue, Like a Sport’s Stadium

Many people don’t know it, but it’s possible for your wedding venue to take place right on the 50-yard line. Yes, it’s possible to book a stadium. For example, you can have your wedding or reception at MetLife Stadium, which actually advertises event and catering services on their website. 

If you’re passionate about sports, using a stadium as a wedding venue can represent the ultimate expression of that passion. Even if you and your partner aren’t giant sports fans, a stadium can still make for quite a memorable wedding venue. 

Get Creative with It

Even if none of these ideas move you, maybe they will help you to think outside the box. That way, you can come up with a unique venue of your own that encompasses your life philosophies and interests. A wedding doesn’t have to be a dry affair. Make sure it matches who you are.

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