2017 Home Decor Trends

2017 Home Decor Trends

Home décor trends keep evolving based on the needs of people and taking inspirations from the surroundings.

Trends that are considered stylish become totally outdated with time.

If you are renovating your home and searching for the latest trends, we have got you covered.

Here are 2017’s top 5 home decor trends that you must know about!


2017 Home Decor Trends

Maximalist Style
While minimalism has been dominating for quite a long time, the maximalist décor style is emerging as the latest hot trend. Although the minimalistic design is simple, clean, and looks chic, the maximalist décor has its own dynamic and vibrant appeal. In 2017, you can expect to see vibrant colors, more layers, and conflicting patterns everywhere. The trick is to have an eclectic mix of these elements but with the restricted number of items in an area, to ensure that the end-result looks spectacular.
Dramatic Tones
Bid farewell to beige, white, pastels and all the romantic hues. 2017 is the year of pure drama. The new favorite shades are dark colors such as charcoal gray and black or deep jewel tones like emerald greens, sapphire blues, and amethyst purples. The walls are going to be deeper and richer in colors. We can expect to see the beautifully saturated jewel tones in artwork, furniture, and other home accessories.
Go Green
Green is emerging as the color of this year, and you are going to see it everywhere. It also makes sense with decor trends hugely getting inspired from nature and environmental sustainability awareness on the rise. From lime to hunter green, we see all the shade across the spectrum of green. Paint your walls with a darker shade of green and add a hunter green area rug or sofa. If you are not fond of this color, consider using it as an accent via your accessories and cushions.
Raw Finishes and Organic Patterns
Super shiny and blingy finishes are becoming a thing of the past with raw textures and natural finishes overtaking home décor in 2017. This trend is emerging in furniture, accessories and everywhere. Not only these worn out pieces give a lot character and warmth to space, but they are also usually budget-friendly.
Ceramic vases, lamps, serving dishes, light fixtures, and wall hangings, etc. provide an earthy artisanal finish. An unfinished metal finish such as hot-rolled steel and un-lacquered brass is the hottest trend. Lightly stained furniture and cabinets showing unique wood grain texture are becoming increasing popular. Moreover, go for prints that are slightly undone and have a vintage feel.
Elegant Marble Pieces
Marble is becoming a huge trend this year as it looks classy and sophisticated. You can opt for marble in flooring, countertops, tabletops, and accessories such as vases, lamps or serving dishes. Get a large piece made of marble to make the statement in a room. Moreover, having brass with metal will totally step up the game. This combination looks good in everything from shelves and end tables to lamps and picture frames.

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