How Can We Save Money On Our Wedding Venue

How Can We Save Money On Our Wedding Venue?

How Can We Save Money On Our Wedding Venue?

Your wedding venue is going to take the biggest chunk of your budget. However, you don’t have to necessarily test your credit limits to get the best venue in the town registered. You can get an amazing venue within the budget if you would just play a bit smart.

We have some tricks for you to consider so that you can save on your wedding venue.

  1. Choose an Off-Weekend or Off-Season Date

You don’t have to get married on Saturdays and Sundays or on 14th February just because it is the most romantic day in the year. Choose a date which falls in the week days or which is not so popular and you will get your favorite venue at a price which will fit your budget.

  1. Have Your Ceremony in Society Park

There are many venues which will charge you on hourly basis so book them just for the reception party and consider holding your ceremony in city owned venues or public parks. You are sure to save few countable amount of bucks for that few hours of ceremony.

  1. Organize a Courthouse Wedding and a Restaurant Meal

If you are open to idea of celebrating with just your close friends and family members, then you can have a courtroom wedding ceremony with your fiancé and then go to your favorite restaurant with your loved ones for a good meal and drinks time. If required, book the restaurant or a party room in there.

  1. Borrow A Venue

If any of your relatives or friends own a big and beautiful home or family farm house, then you can ask them to lend it to you so that you can host your wedding there. Most of them would be happy to lend you the place as a wedding gift and you would be saving all the rental money.

  1. Marry Outside the City

Destination weddings are quite in trend so choose a place which will offer you good packages and since you are having the event outside the city, your guest list will also get limited as most of the people would not prefer to travel.

  1. Find a BYOB Venue

The maximum that you are probably going to spend would be on the alcohol and mostly the venues charge according to per drink. So, choose a venue that allows you to bring in your own wine, beer and liquor and you will save lots of bucks there.

  1. Consider a Plated Dinner

Though you might feel that a sit-down dinner looks for elegant and formal, it is going to cost you a lot if somebody would decide to test their eating capacity that day. Go for buffets as they would not only ensure that the food will never finish on the counter but would also cost you less.

Sir down with your wedding planner and they would have more contacts and ideas about how you can get your favorite venue without having to spend a hefty amount of money. Instead, you can use the saved money or other things like catering or gifts for guests as those are the things which your guests will remember in the long run.

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