Wedding Preparations: Five Things to Prepare Before the Big Day!

Five Things to Prepare Before the Big Day!

Wedding Preparations: Five Things to Prepare Before the Big Day!

So the question is popped, the ring is on your finger, and you are now engaged and a soon to be Mrs., what is next? Well, once the initial shock of your being engaged wears off, you would realize that a lot of planning and decision-making needs to be done. A wedding is one of the most memorable moments a woman will have in their lives, so it is only natural they would appropriately plan it.

So, the moment your engagement bliss fades, be sure to jump head start into planning. Do not wait too long, though, or you might regret wasting valuable time that could have been dedicated to meticulous wedding planning.

1.)    Set a Timetable

The moment you announce your engagement, the initial question in everyone’s heads would be the date of your wedding. However, your wedding date is not set in stone, and you would not exactly be able to set an exact date until other major decisions such as choosing and booking your venue are covered. So, before selecting a date to get married, pick various dates that would work for you and choose the most suitable one where your chosen wedding venue would be available to use. Do not worry about being engaged for far too long—on average, an engagement lasts fourteen months.

2.)    Envision Your Ideal Wedding Style and Choose a Location

Before singling out a gown or choosing your cake, sit down with your spouse-to-be and discuss what kind of wedding they would want to have and if they have a particular theme in mind. If theirs align with yours, then you can proceed. If not, compromise some aspects until you come up with a wedding that harmonizes both of your chosen styles and variations. After you have envisioned the kind of wedding you want, answer some questions which would be pivotal to the choosing of a venue: If you would like a big or small wedding? Who to invite? Should it be classic, romantic or modern? Is it casual, fancy or somewhere in between? When all of these are covered, survey some locations where you could potentially hold the wedding of your dreams.

3.)    Set Your Budget

Undoubtedly, before any concrete plans have been made, you would have to consider your budget and what you would be able to afford. In the same vein, you should sort the different aspects of your wedding into wants and needs. If your budget cannot accommodate your wedding wishes, find a way to compromise. Do not go broke by trying to fit in every single aspect of your dream wedding into your real one.

4.)    Draft a Guest List

Build a guest list that would suitably be appropriate for your chosen venue. If your wedding venue cannot accommodate two hundred people, then you should strictly indicate in your wedding invitations that only invited guests are to come. Apart from that, consider if you would want to have a once-in-a-lifetime kind of party with all of your family,  friends, and acquaintances or would you want your wedding to be an intimate affair to be witnessed by your family and closest friends only? Remember that the more guests you have, the higher your catering cost would be. So, let your guest be a determining factor for your budget as well.

5.)    Consider Hiring a Wedding Consultant/Planner

If you and your spouse-to-be do not have spare time on your hands, have demanding jobs or have wedding ideas you could not work out on your own, then you should consider hiring the services of a profession. A wedding planner has his or her profession dedicated to helping couples like you, and they would assist you in providing the blueprint of your wedding day. Wedding consultants and planners are god’s gifts to perpetually busy couples as they glue everything together for them—including your budget, schedules, vendors, venue choices, etc. for you. So, before considering a solo endeavor in planning your wedding, if you would want everything to go the way it should be as you imagined, consider the aid of a wedding professional.


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