Travel at Your Leisure: Top Tech for Todays Honeymooners

Top Tech for Today’s Honeymooners

Travel at Your Leisure: Top Tech for Todays Honeymooners

With an average of 1.4 million couples jetting off on their honeymoon each year from the US alone, honeymoons are big business. A whopping $12 billion-dollar industry, honeymoons are gradually becoming more exotic and extravagant as the years go by.

As your honeymoon is meant to be one of the most romantic times of your life, it’s safe to say you won’t want anything to go wrong. Even though a honeymoon has the reputation of being the perfect way to soak up that post-wedding bliss with your partner, they’re essentially just like any other vacation in terms of any problems that may arise. From lost luggage to getting lost yourselves, honeymoons can still have issues if you’re not prepared.

So, if you’re honeymoon is coming up and you want to make sure everything is as perfect as possible, here are some top gadgets and apps designed for todays honeymooners.



One of the most frustrating problems that can arise when traveling anywhere is losing your luggage. You obviously wouldn’t want to lose your suitcases anyway but, when on your honeymoon, suddenly being faced with the prospect of not having any of your possessions could ruin the entire romance of the trip.

And that’s where TrackR comes in. A small device that can attach to virtually any item you don’t want to lose, simply place it into your suitcase and connect it to the accompanying app. Then, once launched, the app will receive data from the TrackR itself and will be able to give you location updates of where your luggage is. Giving you peace of mind that you can check the exact location of your bag at the touch of a button, TrackR is sure to put your worries at ease.

Travel at Your Leisure: Top Tech for Todays Honeymooners
This Android alarm clock app is the perfect solution for ensuring you get up on time

Alarm Clock for Me 

Even though a honeymoon is meant for romance and relaxation, there’s no harm in exploring the local area too! This Android alarm clock app is the perfect solution for ensuring you get up on time, and also boasts a useful sleep timer feature that will lull you to sleep with white noise or relaxing music.

Also great for beating any jet lag you may be experiencing, this app is certainly more than just a standard alarm clock!

Portable chargers 

Your honeymoon is likely going to be the most romantic trip of your life, so it’s totally natural for you to want to take lots of photos and document the whole experience. But, if your phone or camera suddenly runs out of battery with some idyllic scenery just waiting to be snapped, plenty of photo opportunity will be lost.

So, to avoid this problem, make sure you have fully-charged portable chargers with you at all times just in case your battery runs out quicker than you were expecting.

Whilst honeymoons have that standard romantic stereotype, they are just the same as regular vacations when it comes to problems that may arise. But as long as you’re prepared and take advantage of today’s technological offerings, you’ll likely beat the issues once and for all!

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