Perfect Caterer for Your Wedding

How to Choose the Perfect Caterer for Your Wedding

How to Choose the Perfect Caterer for Your Wedding

Wedding preparations are fun, but they can be stressful at times. If you want everything to go according to plan, you must have tasty food and excellent service at your reception. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect catering company to make your big day even better.

Check the date

Once you set the date and secure the venue, it’s the perfect time to start looking for catering companies. Don’t delay that decision for too long, otherwise you risk your chosen company being already booked. Make sure you make reservations at least 8 or 9 months in advance, just to be sure you’ll have time to discuss everything with them.

Consult your budget

Setting budget limits with your caterer early on into the preparations is a great tip. Discuss what you want and whether it’s possible to get that within your budget. You don’t want any last-minute budget changes before the big day. Make a list of requirements and ask them to give you their best offer, so you can meet in the middle and get the best service there is for the money you can afford.

How to Choose the Perfect Caterer for Your Wedding
Don’t book the first agency you go to.

Book a tasting session

There is no way to know what you’re buying if you don’t try it first. Tasting sessions will show you the quality of the product, help you choose the tastiest meals, you’ll get to check out the latest trends in wedding catering foods and you’ll get to see how it’s all presented. Book tastings with different companies and then choose the one that tastes the best, and offers diverse and nicely presented meals.

Choose experience

It’s best to choose a team that is experienced and has a long list of happy customers and successful weddings under their belt. Also, check the comments on their webpage or social media accounts and see how satisfied previous clients are.

You want good service

The service is just as important as the food. You want your guests to be greeted with kindness, enthusiasm and professionalism from the moment they step into the venue, up until they head home. Maybe this seems like a trivial thing, but your guests will certainly remember if the catering team was rude and unprofessional.

The flexibility of the menu

Every catering company has a set menu or different menus for you to choose from, but most of them offer some personalization and they will do their best to meet your needs. A professional catering company offers a range of catering services that will allow you to customize the menu and turn it into a unique and exclusive experience. If they aren’t ready to be flexible, then you should keep looking. They should understand just how weddings are important for their clients and do everything in their power to try and make it even more beautiful.

Ask for insurance

With insurance papers, you can be safe that you’ll end up paying for only what you signed up for, not more, nor less. If your caterers mess up or overlook something, you’ll not be legally obliged to pay for their faulty service. If the caterer doesn’t offer you to sign this liability insurance, than this is definitely a red flag. Insurance is there to protect both sides and it will spare you any possible unpleasantness along the way.

You’ll know when you’ve found yourself a perfect catering team. If they offer tasty and beautiful food presented in a unique way and delivered with expertise and style, you have yourself a winner. Don’t book the first agency you go to. Bring this list with you when you’re meeting with caterers, take your time, and soon, you’ll find the perfect caterer for your wedding day.

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