Tuxedo: can be used in private gatherings as well as in weddings as groom’s suit.

If you throw a fancy party or be a part of a private organisation tuxedo will be ideal for you. If the organisation is going to be formal and have a dress code, the inscription “Black Tie” which means tuxedo enables you to look elegant and at the same time keeps the atmosphere formal.

There are designer tuxedos besides the ordinary ones which are commonly prefered in weddings. In Turkey we don’t usually prefer tuxedos but we are in an adaptation period.

The branches of famous foreign brands and our local stores prevent us being outside the tuxedo trends and give us the opportunity to catch the world’s latest trends easily.

2015 tuxedo trends have impressive and fascinating pieces. Famous stores have sale in 2015 tuxedos. We prepare a list for you about the tuxedos in sale in famous stores.

The tuxedos in sale in Kiğılı Stores
Shawl neck slim fit tuxedo: 240 ₺ instead of 998 ₺
Sharp neck slim fit tuxedo: 240 ₺ instead of 999 ₺
Shawl neck tuxedo: 240 ₺ instead of 998 ₺
Mono neck classic tuxedo: 240 ₺ instead of 999 ₺
These are the current prices in Kiğılı stores. All tuxedos are approximately 300 ₺ top and that is not a really high price for a tuxedo.

The tuxedos in Pierre Cardin Stores
Pierre cardin has a pretty wide range of suits but doesn’t have so many tuxedo designs. Some white jacket and some standard tuxedo varieties can be found in Pierre Cardin stores. Since the quality is the most important feature in Pierre Cardin the tuxedo prices are a little bit higher.
Classic tuxedos are around 562 ₺ and can be higher according to the tuxedo types. In addition to that if you want to provide a shirt for your existing suit the prices of tuxedo shirts are 150 ₺ in Pierre Cardin.
The tuxedos in Network Stores
Network stores attract attention with new season products and sales. Within the new season tuxedos, Network offers different colour alternatives and also make the ones who want printed tuxedo designs happy by sales.
The price list of Network stores are:
Navy blue classic tuxedo: 1.495₺
Black classic tuxedo: 1.495₺
%100 wool tuxedo: 1.295₺
Filet pocket tuxedo: 478₺
Printed tuxedo: 478₺
If you want to buy a nice tuxedo you can choose from the alternatives above. You can buy from the nearest store or order online from the internet. However if you insist on buying from the nearest store you should call the store and check if the product that you are looking for is available in their stocks.
Have a nice shopping.

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