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Poolside Wedding: Venue Choice and Decorating Ideas

Decor ideas that you can incorporate in order to organise a perfect reception.

Poolside Wedding: Venue Choice and Decorating Ideas

All women have at least once dreamt about their perfect wedding day. So, when the big day finally comes, it’s time for turning dreams into reality. However, we know that this is much easier said than done so, we’ve decided to present a few ideas and some useful advice on how to organize a beautiful poolside wedding and have an unforgettable ceremony. Let’s take a look.

Creativity with flowers

Poolside Wedding: Venue Choice and Decorating Ideas

It’s almost impossible to imagine a wedding without beautiful floral installations. However, this doesn’t mean that a ceremony should look exactly like all the others. Instead, it’s important to find a way to express a unique personality and come up with some inspiring ideas. For example, taking colorful rose petals and just letting them float in the pool. Additionally, it would be even more beautiful to add some candles to the floating flower arrangements to make the atmosphere even more romantic. As you can see, a poolside wedding gives a lot of space to experiment and come up with truly original ideas.

Pool lights

Poolside Wedding: Venue Choice and Decorating Ideas

Another important aspect of wedding decoration is proper lighting. Once again, we talk about taking advantage of a wedding venue and thinking about different ways in which you can illuminate the pool. We particularly like the idea of floating lanterns which will add a dreamy touch to the ceremony, as well as a hint of a vintage style. Finally, candles are always a great idea.No matter whether you opt for the floating ones that we’ve already mentioned, or just decide to place them all around the pool to accompany the beautiful lanterns.

Piece of Advice for a Venue Owners

Poolside Wedding: Venue Choice and Decorating Ideas

As we’ve already seen, there are so many stunning decorations that couples can go for but when it comes to the venue choice, the ideal offer would consider the included decor. Therefore, if you’re a venue owner, the advice is to go for one of the fiberglass swimming pools since they quite often come with various super chic features like water walls, sprinklers or even beautiful fountains. That would be a great upgrade! Additionally, such pools come in a wide range of colors, so they can even help the bride to set up the best palette for the ceremony. You should know that that is a deal maker quite often and will certainly make your hall very popular.

Opt for an inviting color palette

Poolside Wedding: Venue Choice and Decorating Ideas

As we’ve briefly mentioned, another important aspect of wedding decor is the color palette, so we’ve decided to present you with our favorite ones. Firstly, a black and white combination is simply timeless, so if you’re in favor of classic decoration ideas, look no further. However, for those true romantics who like warmer colors, coral and light blue seem to be the right choice. On top of that, blue will perfectly match the water element of your ceremony, while a coral one will contribute to the atmosphere of tranquillity and keep all guests in a good mood.

Walk on water down the aisle

Poolside Wedding: Venue Choice and Decorating Ideas

Finally, what’s the point of having a poolside wedding, if the bride doesn’t get a chance to walk down the aisle which is right in the middle of the pool? This amazing idea will leave everybody speechless and make the wedding the talk of the town. Additionally, the bride and the groom will be able to make some stunning wedding photos with their friends and romantic ones, surrounded by candles and flower petals that are floating all around. So exciting, isn’t it!? Finally, the great idea could be a transparent aisle that would add that final touch to the entire wedding decor and make the wedding reception memorable.

As you can see, there are many decor ideas that you can incorporate to organize a perfect reception (either you are a decorator, a bride herself or a venue owner). Of course, if you’re focusing on a popular poolside wedding, some basics simply need to be adhered to. However, we have to keep in mind that, after all, it’s most important that the bride and the groom choose the decoration that they both find the most beautiful and fully enjoy the whole process of wedding preparations. Best wishes to the happy couple! Cheers!

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