Wedding Catering Ideas

3 Great Wedding Catering Ideas

3 Great Wedding Catering Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of

It’s likely that you’ve been to many weddings where your food choices for the sit down dinner were the typical chicken, fish, or steak. That menu has been done to death, and you deserve something more unique on your wedding day.

The good news is that these days you have many unconventional catering options. Here are three that are starting to gain popularity in the wedding industry.

3 Great Wedding Catering Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of
Great Wedding Catering Ideas

Hog Roast Catering

There is nothing quite like roasting a hog to feed your wedding guests a hearty meal that they will appreciate. Whether you are planning on a sit-down meal or serving your guests buffet style, a hog roast is a great choice. It brings people together in a way more traditional wedding spreads don’t.

It is easy to serve the appropriate sides with the roast, and your catering company will recommend the side dishes that pair with it the best. This is an economical way to feed a large number of guests while still coming in under budget.

A Curry Wedding Menu

Curry is also a culinary choice that is becoming increasingly popular at wedding receptions. It gives you some delicious options for feeding your guests and can accommodate vegetarians as well as those who do consume meat products.

In addition, you can choose everything from bland to very spicy dishes. Even those who don’t or can’t eat spicy foods will be able to enjoy curry dishes that has been cooked with mild seasonings.

You have many options when it comes to serving curry at your wedding. Seafood, meats, and even desserts use spices to flavour the food to your liking and your guests’ liking. A spiced rub can give an extra kick to almost any meat. With spiced fresh fruits your guests will have a delicious and refreshing dessert to top off their meal.

Everyone Loves Stone baked Pizza

Few people would argue that they don’t enjoy sinking their teeth into a thick slice of pizza. That being said, pizza provides you with a perfect way to keep your wedding guests full and happy.

Everyone Loves Stone baked Pizza

Stone baked pizza is something catering companies are beginning to provide for weddings. It’s become such a popular choice because when pizza caterers use a stone pizza oven, it produces crust that is crisp and delicious. This is an excellent choice if you are serving a large group of people at a reception with a relaxed feel to it. You can’t go wrong when serving pizza.

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