Last-Minute Planning Tips For the Perfect Summer Ceremony

5 Last-Minute Planning Tips For the Perfect Summer Ceremony

5 Last-Minute Planning Tips For the Perfect Summer Ceremony 

It’s official – summer is here. Whether the recent picture-perfect weather has inspired you to plan a summertime wedding or you’ve had your sights set on a mid-year date for a while now and are looking to pull together the last few finishing touches, we’re offering up our 5 top tips to make sure your special day runs as smoothly as possible – sun shining or not.

From last-minute seasonal culinary details to DIY decoration hacks that authentically embody the relaxing summer ambience, our top tips will help you utilise what you have to ensure your wedding is as stress-free and fun for your guests as possible, as well as you as the happy couple.

Last-Minute Planning Tips For the Perfect Summer Ceremony
Last-Minute Planning Tips For the Perfect Summer Ceremony


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  1. Quicken up the planning process 

As a twenty first century nation of busy, tech-savvy individuals, we’ve grown accustomed to receiving job offers, party invites and scheduling lunch dates over the internet, so why not use the same quick and easy techniques to invite your guests to your big day?

Save the date cards are a time consuming and often expensive option which can be easily replaced with a simple email or detailed Facebook group. Not only will this save you time and effort which can be refocused on more urgent details, but by giving your friends and family the ability to hit ‘attend’ or not by clicking a button, you’ll be able to keep a better track of your numbers – which will help you plan your wedding much more efficiently. 

  1. Forget the fancies and do it yourself 

DIY isn’t just for unpacking flat-packed furniture – when it comes to your wedding, there are so many things that you can do yourself to minimise both costs and time when prepping for your big day.

Regardless of their arrangement, flowers provide a great source of decoration for both your venue and your outfit. Instead of contacting a florist to choose flowers for you, consider buying a variety of bunches from a wholesaler and arrange them in an authentic, natural way that will give your tabletops and bouquet a touch of rustic charm. 

  1. Keep the catering simple 

After a day of posing and dancing, there’s ultimately nothing more refreshing than a glass of fizz accompanied by some delicious summer treats. Instead of opening a bar tab or making your guests wait in a hot queue for a glass of bubbly, why not set up your own makeshift cocktail bar filled with cordials, Pimms and prosecco and let your guests serve themselves?

Don’t stop there! With the average price of a wedding cake costing £450, it would be much easier to create one (with the help of a few of your hens and stags) yourself. Remain in keeping with your summer surroundings and opt for a ‘naked cake’ covered in seasonal fruits and dusted in icing sugar for a light and delicious alternative to the traditionally heavier wedding cake. 

  1. Make your own entertainment 

One of the great things about summer and the weather that (hopefully!) comes with it is your ability to soak up the sun outside. Think sports day, wedding style, and fill an outside area with hula hoops, makeshift goal posts, space hoppers and ping pong tables and let the games commence in a fun way that provides guests with a break away from the dance floor.

If you want to embrace the summer breeze in a more peaceful way, then transforming your outdoor wedding venue into a typical summer picnic scene could be the perfect solution. Add some pastel colouring to picnic benches, stock up on checkered blankets and fill hampers up with plenty of summer-themed finger food and let your guests sit back and enjoy your day with you. 

  1. Let your surroundings do the talking 

The beauty of summer scenery needs very little extra decoration. However, if you want to add your own special touch to your venue, then keep it simple and in line with your natural surroundings.

Paper pom poms are an easy, creative, beautiful (and YouTube-able) decoration that look gorgeous when hung at various gradients around a room or garden. Coupled with the warm glow of battery powered fairy lights, your summer setting is sure to reflect the organic calm of the outside in a ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ environment. 

Keep in mind that your wedding is a celebration of the love between you and your partner with all those close to you. So don’t be afraid to add some personality with a tailored gown or some golden amber jewellery to match the summer sun and ensure you truly do have the best day of your life.

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