Bachelorette Bash: 4 Great Party Ideas for Brides-to-Be

Bachelorette Bash: 4 Great Party Ideas for Brides-to-Be

Bachelorette Bash: 4 Great Party Ideas for Brides-to-Be

The bachelorette party is to help the bride relax and have fun with her friends before the stress of the wedding. When you’re planning your bride-to-be’s bachelorette party, consider carefully. There are so many ways to celebrate a bride-to-be; the only rule is to focus on her.

Have a Themed House Party

Slumber parties with the bride and her friends are a classic go-to, but you can elevate it with a little effort. Rather than gathering in someone’s living room to celebrate the bride-to-be, rent a house for the night. Scout out a location spacious enough for the brides’ friends and throw a themed party. Remember to keep the theme appropriate to the bride. If she’s a skull and crossbones kind of girl, don’t fill the party with lace and satin. If she’s fairly modest, don’t rely on raunchy décor. You can draw inspiration for the theme from the bride’s interests: her favorite sports team, favorite character, favorite movie, or favorite travel destination, to name a few ideas.

Spa Retreats

Bring your bridal party to a luxury spa resort. There they can enjoy body treatments, wellness services, and cosmetic pampering. Some resorts also offer yoga classes as well as meditation groups. Some of the more popular spas are in the Southwest of the US. However, if your bride-to-be wants to add some stamps to her passport, check out resorts in Southeast Asia or Mexico. These destinations are known for their specialized services and amazing hospitality, and the natural landscape is beyond gorgeous.

Have an International Affair

Instead of having a themed party, take things up a notch by having a themed trip. You can keep things traditional by visiting Europe’s historical attractions, or you can expand your palate by experiencing Asia’s fine cuisines. If you’re looking to just have fun with no set schedules or agendas, check out party boat rentals in Ibiza. Known as the party town of the world, Ibiza has a rich nightlife and great music.

Keep Traditions Alive

Sometimes brides-to-be just want to run wild. In this case, have a classic bachelorette party, debauchery style. Get armored with risqué accessories and bridal party sashes. Prepare hangover survival kits with medicine, mouthwash, water, a snack, and other essentials. To prepare for the trip, take a pole-dancing class and then board that plane to Vegas with your crew. Catch any of the live shows on the strip. Gamble until you have to borrow a casino chip from the handsome stranger you just met. Have fun at strip clubs, where you can see the lessons you learned in action. And, when you can’t party anymore, use that hangover survival kit for revival.

After all the stress of planning a wedding and before the stress of the big day, every bride deserves some time to let loose with her friends. Make your bride-to-be feel pampered and special by honoring her and this precious milestone her way.

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