10 Things You Didn't Think You Would Need On Your Wedding Day

10 Things You Didn’t Think You Would Need On Your Wedding Day

10 Things You Didn’t Think You Would Need On Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is going to be one of the most memorable days of your life, so like any well-planned bride, you probably have your checklist all sorted – cake, flowers, decorations, dress. Is there anything else you could be possibly missing? You’d be surprised by the items that you may never have thought of which could be so essential to your checklist. So to help you out and ensure no leaf is left unturned, we’ve provided a checklist for you to prepare and guarantee even the things you might have forgotten about are still valued!

1. Comfy shoes

A wedding dress isn’t complete without the heels to go with it, even if it’s not seen under your dress they’re still an essential part of your outfit. Although it would make sense to make the most of the shoes that you forked out for on your special day, they may not be the ideal footwear when you’re looking to bust a move on the dance floor. Pack a pair of flats just in case.

2. A clothing steamer

Your wedding address is going to be one of the main attractions for the day so it needs to be spot on when you wear it. To make sure it doesn’t crumble on its way to the venue or as you’re putting it on, including a clothing steamer on your list!

3. A make-up bag

Make-up is an essential factor that needs to be perfect on your wedding day so you can be assured that your make-up artist will make you look fabulous. However, touch-ups throughout the day will be essential so keeping on you a make-up bag will give you the chance to have a little touch-up in between the times you have a little spare time.

4. Snacks and drinks

Waking up in the early morning to get your hair and make-up ready can be rather draining. It’s going to be a long day so a little refuel throughout the day can help. Stock up on snacks and drinks that you and your guests can have in the early morning leading up to the wedding. Or better yet, arrange for a brunch bakery to supply food for your guests.

5. A wedding emergency kit

We wouldn’t want to wish it on any bride, but sometimes the odd mistake or mishap can occur on the wedding day. Therefore, a wedding emergency kit is a necessity to keep in close quarters. Think of things such as bobby pins, deodorant, super glue, and more to help save the day when you need them most.

6. Portable speakers

Music can always set the mood on the wedding day and create a real buzzing atmosphere. Whether you’re looking to settle the nerves before your entrance or you’re looking to get in the mood just before the real party starts, a set of portable speakers can be perfect to achieve that. You also have the opportunity to create your own playlist so you’re right in the mood.

7. Printed timelines

To help you keep organized and on track for the day can help to seriously ease your nerves through the day and also warn you when you need to hurry up. By having printed timelines, your bridal party and bridesmaid can be well aware of what’s happening and ensure you stick to your timings for the day.

8. Extra undergarments

You can never know what will happen on your wedding day, so it’s always good to be prepared when you least expect it. This includes keeping extra undergarments in a bag in case anything rips or snaps. This will be perfect for a quick outfit change when you need it.

9. A wedding planner

Having a wedding planner to fall back on can be helpful in ensuring your mind is at ease for the day. They’ll coordinate all the important things on the day which means you can simply focus on yourself. They’ll have all the emergency items on them in case something goes wrong and generally ensure everything runs smoothly.

10. Planning your look in advance

Sometimes, the things you need are the ones you might consider the way in advance. You want to look completely perfect on your wedding day so do you feel ready or do you want a little work? Maybe plan PT sessions before your big day to get into shape or schedule a cosmetic surgery procedure so you can look how you can when the date arrives. Every detail is crucial.

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