Offbeat Wedding Ideas

Offbeat Wedding Ideas for the Non-Traditional Bride

Offbeat Wedding Ideas for the Non-Traditional Bride

Carrie Bradshaw told us that we first have to love ourselves before we can find anyone else to love us. But, “if we find the one who loves you, you love, well then, that’s just fabulous”. Once you find that special someone you want to spend the rest of your life with and decide to crown that love with marriage, there can be a lot of pressure and a lot of decisions to be made.

The dress, the venue, the cake, invitation, destination and so much more.

But we are all different, unique and when it comes to weddings, people think that we need to push aside our uniqueness to comply with traditional wedding rituals. No, you can do it your way! It’s your wedding and it should represent your personality no matter how untraditional or crazy that can be.

But even once you decide to break the rules and have a non-traditional wedding there is so much to think about. But don’t worry, here are some awesome offbeat wedding ideas to help you with your wedding plans.

Creative Invitations

Once your guest list is complete, you need to let everyone know when and where will the wedding happen, but also your invitation should represent your wedding theme and they can be as non-traditional as you are. You can be as creative as you wish. You can do something small to make a difference, such as writing a joke on your invitation, making confetti blow up once the person opens up the envelope or make the invite in the shape of the airplane in case you are planning a travel themed wedding ideas, or if you just want to amuse your guests for a while – they’ll love sending it flying through the air and definitely won’t forget your wedding date. You can also do something bigger if you have a larger budget, such as sending invitations in boxes with some essentials related to your theme or making your invitation from other materials, such as wood, metal or plastic. Also, Instagram print form of invitations can be very cute if you are and your loved one are fans of social media.

Offbeat Wedding Ideas for the Non-Traditional Bride
Offbeat Wedding Ideas for the Non-Traditional Bride

Traditional royal wedding for a non-traditional bride

Who wouldn’t like to feel royal for a day? Throwing a traditional royal wedding is a dream come true even for a non-traditional bride. You can even wear a crown instead of a wedding veil. To spice it up, don’t make the wedding reception in a castle, there are so many destination options for a royal wedding. You can choose Balinese exotic royal wedding and get married on one of its gorgeous beaches for example. And it’s also a perfect honeymoon destination so that’s one less thing to worry about. Bali has a lot to offer when it comes to honeymoons, and for those romantic nights, you can check the villas Seminyak to spend your first days as a married couple. If you are not a royal kind of girl, well there are endless options, you can choose any theme you and your loved one want. African, Indian, Sleepy Hollow, Coachella, storybook wedding…you name it!

Amazing Cake Ideas

Not every girl dreams of huge crystal white cake with perfect little people on top holding hands. You can choose any shape or color you want and you don’t even need to have the couple on top. Make it all about you and only put the bigger size bride on top or maybe a sign with a joke on it. One of the craziest wedding cakes I’ve tried was on a wedding of a couple that worked at the nuclear plant where they also met and fallen in love, they had a metallic gray cake with radioactive signs. It looked scary, but it was delicious. Make it about you and your journey as a couple. You can even make a storybook cake with the pictures and memories of you two.

Offbeat Wedding Ideas for the Non-Traditional Bride
Offbeat Wedding Ideas for the Non-Traditional Bride

Surprise wedding

All you brave brides with April Fools’ Day spirit, you can make the entire  wedding as surprise event, but make sure your parents’ hearts can handle it. You can tell everyone that you are hosting a family dinner or something like that ir order to get everyone to be at your location on that day. Mention to your guests that they should all dress up but don’t tell them why! When they arrive, announce that this is your pop-up wedding! This is a great way to break traditions

Simple Aisle Ideas

The most anticipated moment of a wedding ceremony is when the bride walks down the aisle. So why not extend this magical moment by coming through an endlessly complex labyrinth in order to reach your loved one? Or if you decided for a tradition aisle, you don’t need to walk slowly on it, you can your way through it with the beats of your favorite song.

Offbeat Wedding Ideas for the Non-Traditional Bride
Offbeat Wedding Ideas for the Non-Traditional Bride

Changing the traditional idea of a wedding in order to make it to be even more special to you, while still celebrating a special day with the one you love is a dream come true. Having your wedding day in your way may not be approved by everyone in your family, but you can bet they’ll come around when they see the happiness on your face. Do what makes you happy!

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