Wedding cakes; like a sweet dream

Wedding cakes…

In any occasions that we are attending for, the cake is the most common dessert for all seasons. The party will not be complete if you do not have the cake as a center piece of the event and the center of attention for all guests.

It make all people feel so surprise and will say the two words like “ahh” or even the “ohh”. Every food that is in the tables is delicious and people love it too but people will not leave the reception if they couldn’t have eaten the prepared cake. Choose the best cake because the wedding happens only once-in-a-lifetime.

The following steps could help you decide for Wedding cakes; like a sweet dream. First thing you must consider is the size of the cake and the number of layers that is big enough to the number of the attendants. You may bigger the size as long as you don’t waste it. Be creative in designing the shape of the cake and the traditional cake is the round shape and square because it is so easy to cut them both.

The second is the design of the cake. Go to your prefer bakeries and ask them for some advices about what design of the cake is good for the wedding day. If you want a less expense in your wedding cake just choose the easiest design and simplest. The most common color of the cake is white but it may depend on your motif. If you go with the color scheme of the wedding, it is much good.

Third is the flavor of the cake that will fit also to your taste. The most common flavor ever since is the chocolate, lemon, cerry, and banana. They are all good flavors of the cake you are dreaming of.

Wedding cakes…

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