10 Wedding Workouts to Do with Your Fiancé

10 Wedding Workouts to Do with Your Fiancé

10 Wedding Workouts to Do with Your Fiancé

As your wedding day approaches, you likely have more on your mind than just table settings and the exchanging of vows. Staying fit and healthy will ensure you and your spouse look great in your upcoming wedding photos.

Working out together builds an excellent foundation for a healthy marriage. You will be starting a new hobby together, improving intimacy issues, encouraging and motivating one another, and showing love and support on a daily basis.

Emotional benefits aside, studies show that people who work out with a partner feel more motivated with regards to their health and fitness. And what better partner to get motivated with than the person you’ve vowed to spend eternity with?

The months you have as an affianced couple is the perfect time to start building healthy routines – and bodies! Here are 10 wedding workouts to do with your fiancé.

  1. Reverse Lunge Medicine Ball 

Want to do a couple’s exercise that targets multiple areas of your body while contributing to a healthy marriage? Try the reverse lunge medicine ball with your spouse.

Start by standing with your hands on your hips and then take a large step backward with your right leg. Lower your hips so that your left leg is in the kneeling position. This is called a reverse lunge.

Make this a couple’s exercise by adding a medicine ball into the mix. Lunge backwards at the same time and pass a medicine ball back and forth as you do so. This is a great way to work your lower body while trying to keep up the same pace as your spouse.

  1. Elevated Pelvis Lifts 

This is a great exercise for your buttocks and legs. Start by laying side by side and holding hands. Then, keeping your torsos firmly on the ground, begin lifting your hips off the floor. Hold for two seconds and then return to the starting position. This healthy couple’s exercise is most definitely challenging.

  1. High-Five Push-Ups 

Push-ups are a great at-home exercise you can do that uses your own body weight as a form of resistance. This exercise targets your shoulders, chest muscles, arms, and abs for a great upper-body workout.

Make it a couple’s exercise by facing one another and timing your push-ups together so that when you both come up, you’re able to do a fun high-five at each rise.

  1. Back to Back Wall-Sits 

Is there anything more painful than a wall-sit? (Yes. The answer is burpees.) This healthy marriage exercise has you and your partner standing back to back, slowly lowering yourselves into a sitting position, as if you were sitting on a chair. This may sound like a simple exercise, but it is truly a challenging experience.

Encourage one another to stay “sitting” for a long as you can possibly take it. This exercise stimulates the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, glutes, and adductor muscles.

  1. Squats and Dips 

To do this healthy marriage exercise, one partner takes on the “dip” position while the other squats. Sit on a chair so that your palms are fixed on the edge of the seat and your legs are hanging on the ground. Have your partner take your ankles into their hands while they are in the squatting position.

The person having their legs held will then complete 15 reps of dips. Once the reps are completed, change positions.

  1. Shoulder Tap Plank 

Planking is a great exercise that targets your core, hamstrings, glutes, abs, and back. This exercise also improves posture and balance. To do a plank, start in the prone position and lift yourself up so that you are each resting on your forearms and toes. Your body is now acting as a plank. Be sure to follow proper posture in this exercise to avoid hurting yourself.

To do this exercise as a couple, take on the plank position facing one another. Alternate tapping each other’s shoulders. By adding this simple challenge into the plank exercise, you and your spouse will be pushing your physical endurance and increasing your balance and strength.

  1. Standing Sit-Ups 

This exercise is a great way to evaporate any intimacy issues you are having, since it requires a lot of trust for both partners.

To do this exercise, face your partner and have them lift you up so that your legs are wrapped around their waist. Once you are secure, have them hold your legs while you do a set of sit-ups. Being held upside down while doing sit-ups makes this exercise that much more challenging.

  1. Alternating Box Jump 

To do a spousal box jump, stand facing one another and put an exercise box in between you. Next, take turns jumping on and off of the box in a squat position. This exercise targets your hamstrings and quads and is much more challenging than it sounds.

  1. Sweetheart Squats 

Want to squash intimacy issues and create a healthy marriage while getting fit? One study done by Kansas State University found that people burned more calories when they worked out with someone who performed better than they did. The study showed that when pairs exercised together, one teammate would work as much as 200% harder if they perceived their teammate to be better than they are.

Work out hard by doing couples squats. Take on the squatting position facing one another and hold your spouse’s hands. Then, with your hands locked together, do your sets of squats together.

  1. Do the Twist 

This exercise targets your abs and obliques and is great to do with your spouse. Get into the kneeling position with your backs to each other and stare straight forward. Holding a kettlebell, one partner will twist to the right and pass the bell to their spouse.

Once passed, the spouse will twist to the left just in time to receive the kettlebell back from their partner. Both parties will continue to twist, working their sides and abs in a loop.

What better way to get fit for your wedding day than by spending some quality time getting sweaty with your partner? Whether you’re at the gym or doing exercises at home, wedding workouts are a great way to get in shape, spend time together as a couple, and build healthy marriage habits for the future. This practical also helps motivate you both to stay in shape.

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