10 Things to Remember While Planning Your Wedding Day

10 Things to Remember While Planning Your Wedding Day

10 Things to Remember While Planning Your Wedding Day

If you’re one of those brides-to-be who love to plan everything in advance, to the tiniest detail, welcome to the club! There are a lot of things you need to pay attention to when it comes to your big day, and here are ten most important ones you mustn’t skip. Just keep on reading and enjoy!

Whiten your teeth

Brides are well-known for their gorgeous smiles that take everyone’s breath away, so make sure you whiten your teeth before the big day. Of course, most toothpastes have whitening ingredients in them but the fact is that they can’t give you wanted results in the long run. So, opt for a professional treatment at your dentist’s office but don’t go overboard with it as too white teeth often look really fake.

Eat as healthy as possible

Yes, we’re sure that every bride-to-be is dedicated to her healthy diet in order to look her best, but it gets even more important a week before the wedding. Processed food rich in sodium or sugar usually lead to bloating, so instead fuel your body with fresh fruits and vegetables, lots of water, and healthy smoothies. These will boost your energy levels and clear up your skin at the same time, so don’t skip them at any cost.

Stay physically active

Apart from helping you stay fit and defining your muscles, being physically active can also detox your skin, which is a good enough reason to stay active. Everyone knows that working out boosts your endorphin levels (which is a hormone associated with feelings of pleasure) and makes you feel more energized, so exercising is always highly recommended. Join your local gym if you already haven’t and you’ll see its amazing benefits!

10 Things to Remember While Planning Your Wedding Day


Pay extra attention to your makeup look

The majority of brides think of their makeup as of one of the most important parts of their overall bridal look, and you know what? They’re absolutely right! No matter what style you go for, there’s one thing you should always bear in mind – weddings are most often quite emotional, and there will probably a lot of tears, which is why your ordinary mascara isn’t the best possible choice. Instead of it, you should definitely get Beautifeyes eyelash extensions and achieve the ultimate eye look in just one session!

Have a good hair plan

Another thing that really matters is your hairstyle, so be sure to let your hairstylist know what you’re up to and help him or her come up with the best hair care plan. In-salon treatments are a fantastic idea, but you can also go for weekly at-home treatments that will repair your hair and make it look and feel silky and smooth.

10 Things to Remember While Planning Your Wedding Day


Take proper care of your brows

Makeup experts often say that brows are our most prominent facial feature, as they give your whole face proper shape. If you’re one of those ladies who do their own tweezing, you should certainly embrace this opportunity and schedule you brow shaping treatment. The pros at the salon are always willing to offer their suggestions on the best brow shape for your face shape, and you should also know that the tiniest change can make a huge difference and immensely improve your overall look.

Book a de-puffing facial treatment

No matter how determined and disciplined they are for months, a lot of brides give in days before wedding and end up trying to manage stress with wine, which is exactly what leads to unwanted puffiness. If you think that it may be the case with you, just play smart and book a de-puffing facial a couple of days before the big day. It will also make your jaw and cheekbones more defined, and that’s never a bad thing!

Opt for a spray tan session

Tanned skin is an absolute must for a lot of brides, and if that’s your goal, too, be sure to carefully choose a self-tanning product. Needless to say, tanning beds are not recommended, but if you think that self-tanning creams aren’t for you, there’s always an option of in-salon spray tan. Just book your session a few days before the wedding and you’ll get that beautiful glow everyone will be envious of!

Prep your hands and feet

Apart from your flawless makeup and divine hairstyle, you should take proper care of your hands and feet, too. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you must go for a professional treatment at your favorite beauty salon – all you have to do is to get a moisturizing hand and foot cream and use it daily for the best results. Once you do that, you won’t fail to make that happen!

Schedule your bridal manicure

Getting your nails done is another essential step you should take a couple of days before your wedding day, so don’t forget to schedule your bridal manicure in time. As for the colors, neutral ones like beige, pink, nude, and soft iridescent shades are always a good choice. The same goes for red, which is a fantastic option if you’re going to rock a red lipstick, too.

As you can see, there are a lot of things you should take into consideration while planning your wedding day. These ten are absolutely essential, so be sure not to skip them and you’ll get ready for your big day like a real pro!

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