6 Fun Ways to Make an Entrance at Your Wedding Reception

6 Fun Ways to Make an Entrance at Your Wedding Reception

6 Fun Ways to Make an Entrance at Your Wedding Reception

Your wedding reception takes place after you’ve married the love of your life! So, forgive me if I don’t expect you to just simply stroll in to say hi to your family and friends who are gathered at the reception. It’s supposed to be a party! In addition to a slideshow playing in the background showing cute pictures of you guys dating, your engagement party if you had one, maybe some closeup pictures of your wedding ring that your fiancé hopefully bought from EraGem . You can start right from the entrance to set the tone for it. How do you do that? I listed 6 ways that you can make a fun entrance to your wedding reception in this article.

1. Show Up in Grand Style

Treat your wedding reception arrival as a go big or go home situation. Do not have a problem with experimenting when it comes to the ways that you can arrive at your reception. So far, I’ve seen couples arrive on horseback, by carriage, on a tractor, in a vintage car (This one is common), with a boat, by motorcycle and even in a one-horse open sleigh!

2. Do A Reverse Sendoff Entrance

You know those flashy sendoffs where the guests line up and shower the guests with rice or confetti as they leave? Well, you can do the same for your entrance to your reception. Have your guests line up and shower you into the venue for your celebration. Other options apart from rice and confetti that you can use are bubbles, sparklers, or for when your reception is indoors, glow sticks.

6 Fun Ways to Make an Entrance at Your Wedding Reception

3. Enter with A Party

I personally like this one! If you’re energetic and love to dance, why not step to the beat as you enter your reception? You and your partner can choreograph some pre-learned steps or you can just play your favorite catchy song and wing it! One thing it’s sure to do is lift the mood of your guests who’ve been expecting you and set the tone for the fun party that you’re gonna have.

4. Enter with An Even Bigger Party

Rather than just you and your spouse dancing in like I mentioned above, how about doing it with your wedding party? A previously practiced dance step would be great here or you can just have your bridesmaids and groomsmen pair up and show their steps going in as a couple. It’ll definitely be a surprise to your guests and you can bet that if the song is catchy enough, they’ll join in.

5. Have A Light Display

Light displays are extra and fun at receptions. Which is why I’m advising that you totally have one! Put on a show-stopping display of lights as you walk into your ceremony using dozens of flashing strobe lights. Or you could just broadcast your wedding monogram with gobo lighting. The result: An entrance your guests will gush about forever!

6. Play Meaningful Music

If you’re not all about that flashy life (I’m hoping that you are) you can still make an entrance into your wedding reception. How about asking the DJ or Band that you hired to play a song that is meaningful to your relationship as a way to usher you in. A song that others can relate you with as a couple is the best to use here. And no, you can’t repeat the song you walked down the aisle to here. Find a new one! Best of luck!

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