How to Decide Between a Live Band or a Wedding DJ

How to Decide Between a Live Band or a Wedding DJ for Your Wedding

How to Decide Between a Live Band or a Wedding DJ for Your Wedding

There are many decisions to be made when it comes to your wedding day. A critical decision is whether you will have a live wedding band, a wedding DJ, or both. There are some key questions that you can consider when choosing your music type. These will depend on your budget, wedding flow, setting, and venue, among other things. The music is such a central part of the day and will heavily influence memories and feelings about the big day. Hearing a song can take us back to another time and place. A wedding DJ or band can both create a wonderful experience, and it really is a personal decision. Be informed before making this decision by reading this article.

How to Decide Between a Live Band or a Wedding DJ for Your Wedding
How to Decide Between a Live Band or a Wedding DJ for Your Wedding

Question 1. What Genres Do You Prefer?

There are many different types of music that might be appropriate for a wedding. Some of these will sound better with a live band while others will sound good with a DJ. DJs are able to play any type of music and most songs without having to know it. Live bands generally know a lot of songs and those that play weddings are certainly capable of knowing popular wedding music.

Question 2. What Will Your Venue Allow?

You might be limited in your decision by the venue and ceremony selection. Sometimes, there are electrical restrictions or noise limitations. Sometimes, the music space does not have enough room for a large band. Ask your venue this before you start investigating musical options.

Question 3. What is Your Budget?

Wedding DJs tend to be cheaper than bands, but there are always exceptions. Decide on your budget and then see what is available within that price point. If you find a band or a DJ that you really like and they are over budget, see if you can move numbers anywhere else to get the musical selection that you want.

Question 4. Do You Like Spontaneity?

Wedding DJs can mix soundtracks together but beyond that their ability to be spontaneous is limited. Bands, on the other hand, can ad-lib on a song and perform instrument solos or other fun deviations from the original song.

Question 5.  How Much Song Choice Do You Want?

Even the savviest musical expert will not know as much as a computer. The wedding DJ will have a broader repertoire of music. If you think your guests are going to want requests from many different styles of music then the wedding DJ is more likely to have that song.

Question 6. Do You Want Breaks?

Some people will want to dance the night away while others will want to take breaks to mingle and talk. A wedding band will take breaks throughout the night while a wedding DJ never really needs to take a break.

Question 7. How Much Dancing?

DJs will be able to easily create an environment where people want to get up, dance, and move. Some bands will be able to do this, but most people prefer to sit and listen to bands. Whereas, a DJ can select songs that get people dancing.

have live wedding band or a wedding DJ or both.

You can also have both a live band and a DJ. For example, you can split the night in half or you can use a DJ whenever the band is on a break. Consider the demographics of your wedding when making this decision. Make sure to conduct a thorough interview of all bands and wedding DJs that you contact. For your wedding day, you are the boss and they are your vendor! Seek reviews on the music you are thinking about and try to see them in action. Both DJs and live bands seek to entertain, but they have slightly different approaches to this entertainment. To know what fits your personality and budget, do your homework!

Author: Jay Della Valle is Owner and Entertainer (MC, DJ, Guitarist, Vocalist) at Spinners Entertainment, a top-rated DJ/Live Band Entertainment, and Events company based in Northern New Jersey.  He also plays guitar and sings in a popular Indie Folk Trio called Owls & Lions. His Marty McFly impersonation is “spot on” and worthy of amazement. He doesn’t have much free time, but when he does- he likes to whistle vintage TV theme songs, watch 80’s movies, and play hooky with his children. 

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  1. It was comforting to learn that if you truly like a band or DJ but they are out of your price range, try moving the funds to another location in order to receive the music you want. My fiancé and I want to make sure that the wedding celebration will be enjoyable. We are looking into our possibilities since we want live music at our wedding reception. Our budget is our top concern because there are so many costs to take into account; thus, we’ll make sure to take hiring a DJ for a destination wedding into consideration.

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