The perfect earrings for your face and how to pick them

The perfect earrings for your face and how to pick them

The perfect earrings for your face and how to pick them

Nothing comes close to adding sheen to your face than a beautiful pair of well fitting earrings.

It’s the finishing touch to any outfit you desire to wear.

Generally, women tend to go over board while shopping for earrings- such as paying attention to its overall material, color and style. Should it fit the occasion and its attire, they purchase it without a thought without realising that they are ignoring the fundamental part of facial beauty- the shape and structure of the face!

With the right earring accessories, women who tend to be picky with regard to their facial structure tend to stand outside their circles by emphasizing their beauty with these simple yet elegant accessories.

The major face shapes- and what fits them

OvalThe forehead is as wide as the cheek bones with the face line narrowing down the cheek
to the chin, creating the shape
DiamondIn this case, the forehead and chin are narrower than the cheekbones. Women with such
face shapes are observed to have stronger cheekbones


Almost similar to the Oval shape, the round face is better regarded as circular. The
cheekbones are the widest and do not taper down to the chin as the others

NarrowSometimes mistaken for rectangular shapes, the narrow face is similar to a square face
but is elongated to an extent (thus the name)
HeartThis is a less common but ever present facial shape. The forehead is the widest with the
size dropping from the cheeks to the chin
SquareThe jaws, the cheeks and the forehead remain almost the same size. Such women are
generally regarded to have a strong jaw line


The perfect earrings for your face and how to pick them
The perfect earrings for your face and how to pick them

Picking the right earrings

When out shopping for earrings, keep in mind that your face shape is compatible with it. Better to ask the sales rep should you run into panic.

Here are the styles we believe will fit the above mentioned face shapes:

For women with Oval face shape

You are lucky indeed. Almost any earring style will fit your face. But for exquisite attraction to your face’s oval shape, we recommend you try out oval shaped dangling earrings as they highlight your beauty much more than the other shapes.

For women with Diamond face shape

Earrings with long and classy curves fit your beauty. We recommend hoop and dangle style ornamentation with softer curves to minimize any skin problems near your jawline.

For women with Round face shape

Look out for pieces that have long angular designs. To elongate your face, we suggest the teardrop or dangling earrings. Women with round faces are recommended to avoid circular style earrings as they make their face structure look far wider.

For women with Narrow face shape

Clustered pearl earrings that dangle fashionable below the earlobes are considered to  be attractive to folks with narrow faces. It helps increase their skin’s softness and minimize the length of the narrowness.

For women with Heart face shape

Earrings with elongated lines and curves compliment their face shape. It will balance out the face and draw attention to your eyes jawline and cheeks.

For women with Square face shape

Elongated, dangling and hoop styles are more suited for women with square jaws. Those who love to add some extra drama can use slightly oversized hoops that brush/ extend beneath the jaw.

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