Wedding gown designs, casual or formal wear designers have the following qualities:

Wedding gown designs, casual or formal ?

8 Excellent Qualities of the Best Fashion Designers and Leading Fashion Brands

For a designer and their line of clothing or shoes to be renowned locally and internationally, the designer has to put in a lot of work. The best designers grow because they possess unique qualities and offer saleable items. 

Wedding gown designs, casual or formal wear designers have the following qualities:

  1. Creativity

There has to be a lot of creative juices flowing from any person wishing to be a fashion designer. You must be able to conjure original patterns and designs for your line for you to stand out.  Diversity in colour, shape and fabric should be considered in depth by a designer before production of final sketches.  A great designer should be able to develop new fashion designs out of the old designs.

  1. Strong sewing skills

Some of the best designers have their works selling off by themselves because of the unique sewing style used. Understanding of fabric and the most appropriate type of sewing to use makes a designer different from the rest.

  1. Understanding of materials

There are many materials in the market. Choosing the best option for wedding gown, casual wear, blazers or undergarments will help in producing the best designs. Colour and fabric are the most essential elements of a material and as a designer you should have a keen eye on the best fabric for the new designs.

  1. Uniqueness

Strong brands and clothing lines like the Mint clothing sells because of the uniqueness of the designs. To succeed in design and fashion, you must develop non generic patterns suitable for a specific market. You should be able to create an easily recognizable product that will flourish in the carved out niche.

  1. Artistic abilities

Fashion is a big artistic field. As a designer, you should have artistic acuity to put colours and patterns perfectly together. Complimentary designs should be created to suit particular market needs. As an artist you should have a message and represent it well through your designs.

  1. Visualization skills

You should be able to create visual images of your designs, sketch them on paper the transfer the designs to a computer using appropriate computer aided programs.  This is an important quality that calls for advanced graphics and computer skills. This is handy experience and skills for large scale fashion designs and representation.

  1. Good communication skills

A fashion designer deals with a big team of individuals. To pass the right message and to grow your business in different markets, you should have good communication skills. You will be expected to give a lot of advice and instruction on blueprints and design building in details. To avoid miscommunication and misinformation, you must be articulate and able to relay clear instructions.

  1. Business knowledge

You must have enough knowledge on how to run and manage business operations. There are a lot that you will have to do to succeed. Without a strong business sense, your business will fall and the great designs will be lost.



Big fashion and clothing lines are renowned because of the uniqueness of the products and the details the designers put into their work. A lot of passion is directed into creating the latest fashion trends for daily wear as well as elegant wedding designs.  The above named qualities are therefore very important for growth and success of fashion lines given the high competition in the industry.


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Josh Michaelson is the leading designer and the brains behind Mint Clothing. His experience and passion is extraordinary as can be seen in some of his best pieces. He is also a traveler and a foodie. Learn more about his brand on his website.

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