Colors for Men’s Wedding Attires to Brighten up the Wedding Season

Colors for Men’s Wedding Attires to Brighten up the Wedding Season

There was a time when the only party involved in a wedding that thought about decking up like Cinderella would be the bride’s. Those days are long gone now, though.

Men today do want to become the Prince Charming on their special day. There are too many variables and only so few ways for you to look fantastic. Thankfully, you don’t have to go through all the turmoil alone. Here are some great tips from professional designers for your wedding attire.

The Looks

Structured draping has been a tremendous hit in menswear of late, especially the dhoti drape. A direct consequence of this is the whole world of silhouettes opening up for you. Draping expertise also allows you to wear pants and dhotis that have been pre-draped now to look elegant and maintain the style of the past without the hassle. More and more traditional wear is making its way into the wardrobe and we are seeing waistcoats, draped wedding kurta and Bandhgala alongside Jodhpuri pants and all sorts of ethnic wear.

Style and Color

The colors you choose depend on your personality, skin tone and style quotient.  With the advent of Bandhgalas, Jodhupur trousers, bundis and draped dhotis, pleated and crinkled kurtas with sherwanis and so on, there is a whole spectrum that has emerged these days. This season has introduced taupes, grays, blacks and ivories, and also gold, chocolate brown, jade and cream.

Gone are the days when men would be confined to wearing only black, gray or blue. As long as you are confident and interested in experimenting a little with your look, there is a host of great, unique colors for you to wear.


Dark grey suits and kurta pajamas are wonderful and an absolute classic. What sets titanium apart from all the grays and silvers is the fact that it retains the stark boldness of the dark gray while being more lustrous and a little shinier, which gives it a tremendously classy look. Lavender herb and tropical green work perfectly in tandem with it.

Tropical Green

Tropical green has taken Bollywood by storm and is swiftly becoming a favorite among designers all over. It is the perfect color, vivacious yet soothing, and it works perfectly for almost all skin tones and body types. It is graceful, bright and accommodating, and looks divine when worn with lavender herb, classic blue, and titanium.


This is the color of the year, and it is an absolute stunner. A smooth blend of maroon, wine red and some other shades of red, it looks incredibly classy when used properly. Going overboard with it in a single-tone head-to-toe Marsala get-up isn’t a good idea, though. You can diversify by coupling it with classic blue and sandstone.

Toasted Almond

If your tastes are subtle, but your eye is keen, toasted almond is perfect for you. The tone is neutral and adds a warmth and elegance beyond compare. It works best with a coat and trouser of the same color, and a dusky blue or lavender shirt.

Glacier Grey

Gray looks really charming. Wear a subtle shade of gray this wedding season and see the difference it makes to your overall appearance and personality. You could consider wearing completely gray attire. You could even look stylish and distinguished if you wear gray trousers with a silk shirt or jacket in strikingly contrasting color tones. You could wear a silk or dupion silk gray kurta pajama with a contrasting waistcoat in royal blue or tree green. Pick something striking from the extensive and impressive inventory of reputed online stores. You are sure to stand out from the rest.

Dusk Blue

Blue is the color which is supposed to be the timeless favorite for most men. You could consider wearing a slight variation from the blue you have been used to wearing so far. Pep up your wedding attire by wearing a dusky blue shade. You could wear a dusky blue suit or simply wear a well-fitted jacket in this tone with subtle gray trousers. It would be even better if you wear an Indian ethnic outfit such as a simple silk, cotton, dupion silk or tussar kurta in solid colors with a matching dusk blue jacket or waistcoat. You could look regal in a dusk blue sherwani.

Tree Green

For any pre-wedding functions, you could attend wearing a chic sherwani in stunning tree green color. You could team this up with a contrasting royal blue or glacier gray churidar or trousers. You are ready to set the party ablaze with your killer looks.


Irrespective of the new and trendy colors that have come to the men’s fashion circuit, it is worthwhile to remember that none of the trendy colors could outmatch the quintessential blue color. So, you are free to experiment with the new and trendy colors during this wedding season, however, remember to include a sherwani, kurta, waistcoat or a coat in classic blue. Otherwise, your wedding season wardrobe would be incomplete. You could never go wrong with the classic blue. Get ready to play with so many striking colors and look your best.

Author Bio: Tanima Bhadra is a fashion designer attached to a fashion house based in Kolkata. She has been specializing in men’s ethnic wear for the past few years and has come up with innovative designs, trendy colors, textures, fabrics etc. She has recently come up with her own line of men’s wedding kurtas that is now available in reputed online stores.

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