Solutions Unnecessary Wedding Gifts

5 Solutions for Unnecessary Wedding Gifts

5 Solutions for Unnecessary Wedding Gifts

It doesn’t matter if you register at the store you like or you inform your guests what exactly you need, there will always be those who will bring you a gift you didn’t want. Even the best wedding registry won’t be a guarantee that you’ll get the gifts you want, like, or have space for. When that happens, you are going to be angry and spend a lot of time trying to figure out what to do with them. We’re here to offer you 5 useful solutions for unnecessary and unwanted wedding gifts.

1 – Keep what you can

There will probably be some sort of decorative items, or perhaps some items that are known to have a relatively short life span, and if that’s a chance, you might even consider keeping them. What is more, if you give it a second thought, you can even choose to keep more than just one.

The list of things you might decide to keep doesn’t have to belong: anything consumable is always a good idea: so bottles of wine and candles may as well stay with you because you will certainly use them. Other items such as kitchen towels are also useful, and you can keep them too, and the same goes for valuables such as crystal vases or sets of China.

Solutions Unnecessary Wedding Gifts

2 – Trade them up

In case gifts come with receipts, and you don’t want them, you can decide not to keep them. Instead, you should take the extras back to the store and take the opportunity to trade them for something that you like or need more. You might choose something that you actually had on your wedding registry, but didn’t actually receive. In addition, you can bring a number of smaller appliances, and put the credit toward a bigger piece. This way, you can get a nice couch or even a dishwasher. So, be careful when you throw away the boxes and packing materials, you might need them. 

3 – Earn some money

If you don’t get a receipt, it still doesn’t mean that you have to keep them. Use Google to search for the brand name and model of the appliance, and see the price. Next, you can use websites such as Craigslist, eBay, and Amazon Marketplace to put an ad and sell them. If you have bigger items, your best chance is with Craigslist, but all these websites will work. Use the internet to check the price range of the items, find out what the initial price was, and try bargaining for them.

4 – Give them away

When you’re left with things you really neither need nor do you want them, you can do a good deed and donate those extra wedding gifts to charities like Habitat for Humanity. This charity provides housing for those in need, and you will be sure that the things you gave them will find their way to those who need them most. You don’t have to go to a charity; you can ask around and find a family (or families) who struggle financially and donate your duplicate items to them. You can also regift some of the things, but make sure you keep track of exactly who gave it to you in the first place.

5 – Store them away

It can happen that you actually get something you might need in the future. For example a stroller, or a microwave you can’t keep in your small apartment at the moment. When that happens, you can keep the gifts until the time comes for you to use them. If you live in a small apartment and you don’t have enough room for everything, you can always rent a storage unit and put everything there. Storage solutions Sydney will allow you to take all the boxes with things you can’t keep at the moment, and simply take them out when you need them.

Whatever you choose to do with your gifts, make sure to take a detailed inventory of everything you received from your guests. Remember that every gift is valuable, and you don’t want to throw them to waste or get rid of them without you or someone close to you gaining something from it. There are ways to earn some money from unwanted and unnecessary wedding gifts, and you should take that chance. 

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