10 Skin Care Tips Future Brides

10 Skin Care Tips for Future Brides

10 Skin Care Tips for Future Brides

With juggling so many details, coordinating vendors, finding the perfect band and matching the bridesmaids’ dresses, to seating arrangements and decorations, we often forget about the most important thing – ourselves! Fine, we do pick out the dress in advance, but what about our skin?

You are likely going to get a pro to do your nails, hair and makeup, but certain imperfections will be impossible to cover unless you prevent them. Continue reading the article to find out what are the most important, yet simplest skincare tricks you need to incorporate into your daily routine to achieve a flawless tan for your wedding.

1.      Start as early as possible

In order to look absolutely fabulous on the most important day of your life (and on the photos you will be looking at for many years to come) we advise you to start caring for your skin the moment you get out of that overly-excited-I’m-getting-married phase. Ideally, skin preparations should start at least a year before the big day. If not, don’t panic, just note that the sooner you start the better the results will be.

2.      Determine your most problematic features

The first step is recognizing the biggest issue; is it acne? Dry spots? Oiliness? Wrinkles? Uneven skin tone? This list could go on for miles, but you should concentrate on pinpointing no more than two or three most prominent skin issues and work towards eliminating them, as well as preventing their reappearance in the future.

3.      Don’t stress too much

We agree, this is a challenge for future brides, but the fact is, stress can have terrible consequences on your skin. The reason behind this is that stress leads to a lack of sleep and bad eating habits, ultimately resulting in dark under-eye circles, more prominent lines and inflammation. Feel free to delegate your obligations to a professional wedding planner whenever possible, and take advantage of the newly-acquired free time to schedule massages and practice yoga. Trust us – once you feel great on the inside, you will look great on the outside.

10 Skin Care Tips Future Brides

4.      Cleanse your skin from excess oil

On the other hand, if you decide to do most of the work on your own, it is highly likely you will be struggling with oily skin. To prevent the appearance of acne and pimples, it is best to opt for natural remedies that will provide cleansing effect due to their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

5.      Lay off the alcohol

Although even doctors recommend a glass of red wine a day, prior to your wedding it is advisable to substitute it with green juice or detox water in order to keep your skin well-hydrated. Green tea is also known for the minerals that stimulate lymphatic system and reduce the puffiness.

6.      Consider using retinol

As it derives from vitamin A, retinol has the power to unclog your pores, boost collagen production and reduce pigmentation. If you wish to use a stronger formula, you will have to get a prescription from experts such as Silkwood facelift surgery. Still, bear in mind that retinol should not be used only a few days before the wedding, since prescription one is known to cause acne, redness and peeling before showing its true benefits.

7.      Get rid of the zits

Even though you are probably in your (late) twenties, you might still be stuck in that teenage zit-phase. If this is the case, benzoyl peroxide gel is your safest bet – dab it directly to a problematic area and let it dry. If you don’t notice any improvement in a week, consider anti-inflammatory steroid injection, but only after you consult with an expert.

8.      Put on a mask regularly

Especially if you have an oily skin – mask can melt even the hardest sebum and unclog your pores. For those who have dry to regular skin type, put it on only twice a month, so that you wouldn’t achieve a counter effect.

9.      Don’t experiment before the wedding

Our skin reaction to new products can be rather unpredictable. This is why brides-to-be are advised not to experiment up to three weeks before the big day. This includes everything, from skincare products and makeup to washing powder. You don’t want to risk getting a reaction that will take a couple of weeks to calm down!

10. Be careful when working on your tan

One the one hand, we have brides who appreciate the aristocratic pale tan, while there are those who don’t really want to blend with their pure white dress. Yes, you want to get tanned as soon as possible, but too much exposure to the sun or spending too much time in the tanning salon can damage your skin. So, whether you opt for the beach or the salon, remember to put on a good SPF.

If you follow the skincare tips listed above, your skin will not only look good – it will be much healthier. You will walk down the aisle flawlessly and take pictures that won’t need any retouching.

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