Tips for Creating a Rustic-Style Wedding

Tips for Creating a Rustic-Style Wedding

Tips for Creating a Rustic-Style Wedding

Vintage and rustic-style weddings are a growing trend that many married couples all around the world want. Certainly, there’s a reason for that since such weddings are absolutely stunning and can easily break the somewhat monotonous feel of traditional weddings and they have reached all the way to Australia. So, if you and your future husband are looking for something like that here are some creative tips that can help you plan your rustic-style big day.

The bride

Every bride wants to feel beautiful and unique on her wedding day and that’s why she should wear something vintage and rustic. There are many interesting and beautiful designs from the previous decades and you as a bride just need to dig deep in order to find your vintage wedding dress. There are many stunning designs from the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s and you are bound to find the model, length, accessories and styles you desire and that fit your body type. Just think elegant and simple and you won’t have any problems with finding the right dress.

Tips for Creating a Rustic-Style Wedding

The Groom

If your groom doesn’t like wearing tuxes you should dress him up in vintage as well. There are many accessories that a groom may wear, such as waistcoats, suspenders, pocket watches, bow ties, old world fabrics and even velvet and still look stunning. You can even arrange for the best man and groomsmen to dress similarly and have a whole package on your wedding day.


Even though invitations are a small detail, you cannot overlook their design. In order to fit them into the whole rustic style of your wedding, you can choose a vintage design and some unusual paper. For example, for the you can use vellum paper which is easy to decorate for invitations. You can either use some subtle stickers, cut out some design similar to lace or find vellum paper with a certain vintage-like design. For the pocket fold you can use recycled taupe brown fibre paper and for the bigger envelopes and RSVPs, you can use taupe brown envelopes.

Rentable vintages

It’s the very details that will transform an ordinary wedding into a rustic one. Start by picking an outdoor venue which you will decorate with some interesting and affordable decorations that you can even rent.

A birch arbour is perfect for your outdoor ceremony. Also, it will create a stunning focal point of your desired location and you can easily decorate it with plenty of your favourite flowers.

Rent several vintage books that you can arrange around your venue. With these in place, the location will exude rustic atmosphere; especially if you like the smell of old books.

Every couple will need a car after their ceremony so why not find a stunning vintage model. You don’t have to buy it for your wedding; rather you can rely on rentable wedding cars in Sydney and find the vintage model that will perfectly fit your wedding.

Mason jars are another rentable element that you can add. They can serve various purposes, from drinking glasses to vases for the centrepiece. Use your creativity and rent a few of these and you won’t make a mistake.

No wedding can go without some interesting lighting. If you are having an outdoor wedding, then you should rely on string lights to set the mood. However, don’t go rushing to the store to buy boxes of them; rather you can rent them and save a few bucks on decoration.

Tips for Creating a Rustic-Style Wedding

Table layout

As far as tables are concerned, they should be simple, yet classy. Most rustic-style weddings focus on combining subtle colours. Lay the table with a simple white tablecloth, use simple yet interesting white plates and slightly darker napkins. Lay down the silver cutlery and tie it to a place card for every of your guests.

However, if you want more fun on the table, you can opt for mismatched China. That’s another popular trend and the colours and flower patterns will bring the rustic feel on the table.

Additionally, you can use vintage cups as your decoration. Place a candle into enough cups to cover all the tables and enjoy the flower-patterned candle holders. Also, you can use them as small vases for small colourful centrepieces or decorate the outdoor location with those small cute pots.

Lastly, your table will need some elegant centrepieces. You can opt for simple bouquets of colourful flowers and arrange a few candles around them. Another idea is placing evergreens in mason jars and using a few decorations to make the table look rich, green and stunning.

Every wedding will require plenty of planning and organizing. However, if the rustic style is something you love and want to use for your wedding you are going to enjoy planning the wedding even more. What is more, most of such decorations are easy to make yourself or rent, so you won’t even have to spend a fortune.

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