Outfit Ideas for Bridesmaids without Having to Look Like a Bride

Outfit Ideas for Bridesmaids without Having to Look Like a Bride

Outfit Ideas for Bridesmaids without Having to Look Like a Bride. Weddings are a source of celebration and merriment, especially for the people who have their close friends or relatives getting married. It will not be wrong to say that some people are more excited and concerned about the wedding more than the couple itself. The idea of excitement, colors, fancy couture, being with the loved ones and having an overall happy vibe is what drives the people close to the couple as well. Weddings bring the notion of sharing love and happiness with the special people in life and everyone puts in their entire efforts to ensure that the couple gets the best of everything on their special day.

Talking about weddings is incomplete without deciding on the dresses to be worn, especially by the bridesmaids. They are the ones who are working like Charlie’s Angels from the minute the couple decides to marry to the end of the wedding. They pull a lot of strings, run early morning and late night errands, and deal with all the bookings and bridal showers to make the experience amazing for the bride. Their dresses are the most looked forward to after the brides. So here we have some outfit ideas for you to rock the bridesmaid role with class and finesse.

Solid Colors

Whenever you are in doubt of the patterns or the designs of the fabric, the best and safest option is to go for solid colors. Getting dressed in one single color – whether donning a maxi, a frock or an elegant dress – gives off a pleasant and alluring vibe. You look more in control and lean. Solid colors never go out of trend and can barely go wrong. So whatever fashion trends are in vogue, you will be in style. However, solid colors can be tricky; monochrome dresses should be stitched to perfection and finesse or else the charm will be lost. Also, choice of the color matters a lot as it can make the look go from a 10 to a 0 or vice versa.

Contrasting Palette

If you believe that making all the bridesmaids wear the same color is a bit too basic, you can play around with some solid colors and come up with unique ideas. For instance, you can decide on one palette and then make all the dresses of the bridesmaids in the transition of that palette. This can be done with pinks, reds, blues, purples and what not. The vibe will be chic, and let’s not forget how awesome the pictures are going to turn out! 


Florals are always in vogue and can never go wrong. They give off a trendy yet elegant vibe. Short flower dresses or even the long ones are always cute. You all can either wear the same fabric and come up with different styling and stitching designs or agree on different colors of the same flowers — play with the concept as much as you like. It is highly unlikely that the end result disappoints you because flowers make everything look ravishing. Also, this will be a great chance for you to not clash with the bride at all as she can quite vividly stand out among the flamboyant florals. Do not forget to get creative in taking pictures with the flowers, in the fields or during the sunset.

Choose a Special Fabric

One of the things that girls often overlook is the kind of fabric they are making their dress from. You should know that the fabric plays a major role in the look of the dress. You can pick the wrong fabric and even with lavish styling, it can turn into a fashion disaster. So, if you want to go minimal yet divine, choose the right fabric and go easy on styling. You can go for all-silk, all-net or all-georgette, whatever you like. There are a plethora of options to choose from. Just remember to consult with an expert so that your style and the fabric can be in harmony.

Go Black

It is often said that one can never be overdressed or underdressed with a Little black dress. A black dress is always perfect for every occasion. Nowadays people are challenging norms and rebelling against the clichéd fashion trends as well. If you are one of those rebel fashionistas, you should go with a little black dress and leave everyone in the awe of your strong aura. It is not necessary to be always dressed in pastels or floral for a wedding, black dresses can do wonders at weddings as well. However, you should make sure that the couple is on board with this choice of yours!

Outfit Ideas for Bridesmaids without Having to Look Like a Bride
Outfit Ideas for Bridesmaids without Having to Look Like a Bride

Slit or Miss

If you like to keep up with the dress fashion trends, you must know that the slit in long dresses is a heavenly sight. It gives you a very exquisite look and helps you look magnificent. The slit can go well with different fabrics and colors. You can create a slit in a light chiffon dress and look gorgeous. Moreover, slits in georgette are also a beautiful execution. Pair them with heels or even long-laced sandals to enhance the look.

To conclude, weddings are a very beautiful event and everyone is excited to get dressed and admire the dresses of others, especially the bridesmaids. This blog will help you narrow down your choices and give you ideas when you are under pressure and do not have time to make more bridesmaid decisions. Whatever you wear, wear it with confidence and style as these two elements elevate your entire look.

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