Best Reasons Why You Should Preserve Your Wedding Gown

Best Reasons Why You Should Preserve Your Wedding Gown

Best Reasons Why You Should Preserve Your Wedding Gown

After having the best time of your life throughout this big day, a time will come when you’ll want to take your wedding gown off. This moment can kindle a rainbow of emotions, since you may have been dreaming about this day for so long and now you feel you’re never going to wear your lovely gown again. What can you do about that?

Our best hope is that you haven’t decided to store your wedding gown in an old garment bag or in a dusty box in your basement or in your attic and never think about it again. After investing so much into researching, choosing, and fitting your beloved gown, we think you deserve to store it in a much wiser way, in a way that will help you protect it and preserve its beauty. As hard as it may be to believe it now, a day will come when you may need to use that gown again and you’ll be glad you did your best to preserve it.

If you’re still reluctant to the idea of preserving this beautiful piece of history, keep reading, as this article may make you change your mind. You’ll soon understand that there’s no need to worry about anything and that preserving the dress of your dreams is an absolute must. Just read these 10 top reasons and you’ll find yourself making plans to preserve your wedding dress sooner rather than later.

Here are the top reasons why you should consider preserving your gown right now:

Preservation Prevents The Aging Of The Fabric

Wedding dress preservation is a complex matter. Nevertheless, the benefits are worth it. When you preserve your gown, you’re doing more than removing spills and stains, thanks to the special technology that prevents further damage of the fabric. While you can store your garment on your own, you may not be able to preserve its quality 15 years from now.

Storing the dress on your own poses a high risk of moisture or water damage, as average garment bags fail to offer adequate protection. Your gown can get damaged by improper storage conditions or simply by the passage of time. With our preservation system, your worries will become a thing of the past.

You Can Pass It On To Your Daughters To Use On Their Wedding Day

If you intend to have children, you may want to save this dress to pass it on to them to wear it on their special day. Time flies, so you’ll soon find yourself dreaming about the moment when your little girl will be walking down the aisle wearing your dress. Even though some may consider this practice foolish or outdated, your daughter may find it amazing.

By the time she’s ready to get married, your dress would have become an awesome vintage garment. Vintage gowns are incredibly popular, as many see them as timeless pieces and this may determine your little girl to love the idea of wearing it.

Even though she might decide not to use your dress, the idea of preserving it is definitely worth taking into consideration. Until that moment comes, make sure you take good care of your dress. Preserving it will provide you with a great satisfaction that you’ve provided your future daughter with the opportunity to wear your gown, should she fancy this idea.

Professional Cleaning Increases The Market Value Of Your Wedding Gown

There’s no point in hiding behind the finger here, most women decide to sell their gowns for a wide array of reasons. If neither you nor your kids are going to wear it again, selling the dress is actually a good idea. Selling allows you to get part of your investment back and once you’ve taken proper care to preserve it, you’ll have more potential buyers.

You can take our word for granted that preserving your dress is a great decision. Even if you’re going to keep your dress for years before deciding to sell it, you’ll still need to do what it takes to protect it. Should you ever decide that selling it is the way to go, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve preserved it to a pristine condition. The overall condition of your old dress will surely influence the price you’ll be able to get from another bride to be.

As we’ve already told you, a beautiful and spotless dress can make another bride’s day. The price of properly preserved designer gowns is higher than the price of stained or yellowed dresses that look sloppy and worn out. It’s a good idea to do everything you can to have the market value of your dress increased. Any bride shopping around for a designer gown will be thrilled to buy your dress and pay the price you want for it.

Preserving Your Gown Allows You To Loan It To Another Bride

Loaning your bridal gown can be a wonderful idea that would bring you the gratitude of another soul. You can never know when your preserved dress may come in handy to save one of your friends or relatives in distress. If the bride-to- be can’t afford a dress or has just lost theirs in a disaster, you’ll be able to save her day by lending her your beautifully preserved gown to use on her wedding day. As strange as this may seem to you, rest assured that any bride in an emergency situation will be grateful for this idea.

While we don’t wish anyone to have to put up with such emergencies, the idea of loaning your wedding dress makes sense. Preserving it will allow you to show your kindness. Bad things can happen and it’s nice to be able to help someone in need. These are only a few of the best reasons to preserve your gown right away.

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