Your Quarantine Wedding

How to Make the Most of Your Quarantine Wedding

How to Make the Most of Your Quarantine Wedding

It’s hard to cope with COVID-19 and how it’s changed a lot of things including the way people get married, yet this is where you are. The following will help you see how you can make the most out of your quarantine wedding even in a hard-hit place like Chicago.

Make Tough Decisions
One thing you have to do is learn to make tough decisions as soon as you can. The pandemic has affected everyone in many ways. No one can properly predict what is going to happen in the future. Most of those who have been affected are the ones who were planning to marry the love of their life during this time.

Some states are being optimistic, thinking the worst is over and are trying to open things up, but they are just hoping for the best. You need to be ready to postpone your date if you are hoping for a regular wedding. You can send out wedding postponement wedding cards to people. If you aren’t’t going to postpone it, then you can have a virtual wedding.

Make sure all decisions are made together. You don’t want your partner to feel like he or she wasn’t’t involved. This wedding belongs to both of you, so it’s vital you both feel happy with its direction, especially now that things are a bit strange.

Embrace the Digital Aspect
Postponing your special day does not have to be your only option. There are plenty of other innovative and creative ways you can celebrate. Those who are going to have their wedding during quarantine may have to embrace the technological aspect of it. You need to be okay with having your guests join you through video chats. Now, before you make this decision, try to consider a few things, such as the following. This will increase the chances of things going smoothly.

  • Be sure all guests know how to use the video chat software. Try to send material that’ll teach them if they do not know how to use it.
  • It’s important to have a few trial-runs before the big day. This is done so that you can work out the kinks. Create an environment where guests feel free to talk about issues they are having.
  • Find out if your guests have adequate access to the internet. If not, seeif they can join your wedding day in another way, maybe through a regular call.

These are some things to consider, but others could emerge as you go along with this wedding. It’s important to have a virtual wedding planner. This person might be able to anticipate issues before they happen. Try to be as flexible as you can while planning this kind of wedding. The more flexible you are, the less stressed out you’ll feel.

Make it a Shareable Experience
You want to make your wedding as inclusive as possible. Be in constant communication with your guests; update them with all the things you are doing to make this wedding great. Since most of your guests won’t be there with you, send gifts to them directly.

Maybe you can have a digital ceremony where all guests open up their gifts so that they can share their reactions with you. It’s important to have professionals to document the moment. A quick search such as, “Chicago wedding photographers” and videographers will help you the right one for your special day. These folks will help capture the elegance of your wedding so that you can share it later on. All those video chats could be captured and professionally edited as well.

The people who attended your wedding want to see the majesty of this union, just as much as you do, so don’t skip this step. If no one is going to physically attend the wedding, it might be a good idea to plan something you can do in your vehicle. If most of the people you know live in one area, you can drive by and say hello on your way to your honeymoon. This might not seem like such a big deal, but it might mean the world now that social distancing has been the norm for such a long time.

You can also keep it simple with just you, your significant other, and your immediate families right in your backyard. Someone can be an ordained minister and you can make it an intimate ceremony just for you two to enjoy.

Getting married during the pandemic may seem awkward; for some, it seems undesirable, but the reality is it’s beautiful. No matter what stands in between you and your partner, you two are willing to face it together and are willing to do it in style, which says a lot about your relationship. If you two can make these decisions together in a world that is up in the air, you two will be able to make it through anything.

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