Event management companies serve as the ultimate destination for event organisers.

Event management companies serve as the ultimate destination for event organisers.

15 Secrets You Will Want To Know About Event Management Companies

Event management companies serve as the ultimate destination for event organisers.

These companies hire efficient and competent people to chalk out the entire program or event.  They are experts in handling corporate events, family functions, shows, seminars, product launches, formal events, concerts etc. They are responsible for the planning, implementation and keeping track of the timelines. They are also responsible for marketing, advertising and building up of the brand in case of commercial events. In case of personal functions like wedding and other parties, they are solely responsible for making all the arrangements from the scratch. Shaadidukaan.com is one such reputed event management company which is known for its timely and fantastic execution of all your special events and occasions.

Event management is the fastest growing industry in today’s times. People prefer to hire planners to manage all kinds of events from big to small design the complete look of the event. Size of the event is not the concern but it’s perfect execution. Myriad events are being organised these days by the various companies, organisations, charitable trusts etc for the purpose of marketing, brand building, celebration and raising money.

Roles and responsibilities of event management companies

They do everything behind the scenes to make the event a success.  People having expertise in creative, marketing and technical aspects are hired for the job. People who are full of enthusiasm and have a knack for handling people are apt for this job. Being a good listener and observer serves like cheery in the cake as an event planner has to constantly listen to the ideas and requirements of the clients.

The various steps involved in planning of an event include

  • Detailed studying of the concept behind the event
  • Chalking out the idea of the entire event
  • Identifying the target crowd
  • Managing the technical and other aspects.

Once the plan is ready is ready on the paper comes the stage of execution and implementation.
Steps involved are

  • Chalking out the timeline and schedule
  • Budgeting
  • Taking the necessary permissions from the required authorities for venue etc
  • Arranging the vendors for supplies
  • Site management including parking and handling of the crowd
  • Required preparation in case of emergency


Event management companies serve as the ultimate destination for event organisers.
Event management companies serve as the ultimate destination for event organisers.

Secrets of successful event planners

  • Collecting information- a successful event planner is known for writing down each and every detail on paper and leaves nothing to memory and recollections. Detailed discussions are carried out with the clients to know their requirements fully well and also they are informed about the progress from time to time. Each and every area is analysed and deeply studied to collect all the required data for a particular event. The ray of the clients is understood in detail. The entire budget is planned and allocated to the various heads like marketing, food, transportation etc. All of this is periodically monitored so that it sticks within the budget.
  • Setting up the priorities – big and popular event companies in jaipur handle multiple projects at one time. So it becomes crucial for them to understand the areas which require their complete focus and attention. They have to identify areas where extra attention requires to be paid. All this requires effective communication and coordination amongst the staff.
  • Research- intelligent event planner will keep him or her updated with all the latest trends and techniques. He is required to read all the articles and keep coming with out of the box ideas to keep the clients happy and satisfied.
  • Customer relations- paying attention to the needs of the clients and maintaining friendly relationship goes a long way in the making of successful event planner. It is good marketing as well as management strategy proven to be highly useful. By nurturing and building relationships one can get more events in hand. Also it is imperative to build and maintain good rapport with the supplier and vendors. To gain an upper hand in bargaining this is a very important aspect.
  • Review and feedback- seeking feedback time to time is the last but extremely important part of event planning. An active event planner will not just listen to the review but also take action and act on their suggestions. It is a measure of the success of the event.

Thus from the above discussion the nitty gritty of the industry are well understood.  Talking to the key participants, getting clear idea behind the intent of the event, mapping out the goals and achievements and sticking to the timelines are the essential for holding a super duper event. People who want to start their own event management business can also intern in the major companies in the market. It is a good way of getting hands on knowledge and experience. Shaadidukaan is one such event management company which hires young and interested interns to work on their projects. One can reach out to them through their website and select the project based on the area of interest and expertise. Besides earning a stipend, a certificate is also awarded on completion of the project.

It is an extremely happy, rewarding and humbling journey from the planning to completion of the event. Seeing all your efforts getting praised is a momentous occasion. So a wise planner leaves no stone unturned in putting the efforts in planning and execution be it sticking to the budget through endless negotiations or creating a back up army for emergency or fighting the technological challenges and constraints and making sure that everything runs according to the schedule. It’s a tough job considering all this is being done for multiple events. Thus all in all it’s a comprehensive job with its fair share of challenges and problems. You are single handily responsible for fulfilling your client’s vision and dream.

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