Pair Up Your Cufflinks With Various Outfits

Pair Up Your Cufflinks With Various Outfits

Though cufflinks were traditionally worn as an accessory for formal wear, in recent decades, cufflinks has come to be worn with more casual outfits, all while sustaining its status as a staple for making men’s (and even women’s) attire more stylish.

Nowadays, you can definitely wear a pair of cufflinks with a variety of different looks, starting from your everyday work suit to your winter jumper. After all, wearing cufflinks adds a personal touch to any attire, upgrading an otherwise average look into a distinctive and polished one.

The Jumper

For more laid-back weekend look, team a pair of cufflinks with a comfy jumper. A pair of button down shirt and jumper proves that a jacket is not really necessary for wearing cufflinks. Opt for casual-looking cufflinks that are particularly suitable for more casual wear. Though a sleek metal cufflink, such as silver, also matches well with the chunky knit textures of a winter jumper.

The Casual Blazer

Cufflinks are not only meant to be worn with your formal suit jackets, as they can also go well with more casual blazers for a relaxed, daytime wear. When a lighter, summery jacket is paired up with silk cufflinks or even a pair of fixed bar cufflinks, they will definitely lend an air of style.

The Work Suit

Unique and Bespoke cufflinks are the key to boosting up your everyday work suit. Sporting a pair of well-maid cufflinks smartens up a regular suit, but don’t forget to wear a matching tie pin for a truly finished look that will separate you from the crowd.

Any sleek and refined metal cufflinks are especially appropriate for work attire, but copper is particularly versatile, allowing a smooth transition from workplace to any after-work event.

The Formal Suit

A stunning pair of cufflinks are the finishing touch to any formal attire. Wearing a smart French cuffs dress shirt is the perfect excuse to wear shirt studs and a pair of cufflinks, and to achieve an even smarter look, consider wearing a lapel pin as well. Formal events is the perfect time to wear your rich and highly polished cufflinks with gorgeous, elaborate design to truly stand out from the crowd.

Remember, whether you’re enjoying the gentle summer sun or wrapping up against the winter chill, you can never go wrong with a pair of stylish cufflinks.


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