How To Make Your Wedding Welcome Party an Instant Smasher

How To Make Your Wedding Welcome Party an Instant Smasher

How To Make Your Wedding Welcome Party an Instant Smasher

It might have been your long lurking desire to make your wedding welcome party a smash hit; be ready to pull it off with style.

Wedding reception parties are more about engaging, entertaining, fun, and excitement for family and close friends. When it comes to welcome parties, everyone wants to eat, drink, dance, and have loads of fun. In view of this, the best celebration for you is to incorporate personal touches to keep your guests smiling and talking about it long after.

Having a welcome party makes your reception feel all the more intimate because everyone has already had the chance to get to know one another. It generates fun even if you have a few different groups of friends and families coming together for the first time.

If you have no prior experience how to plan a perfect wedding welcome party, here are some unique ideas to successfully implement:

  1. Choose a convenient day and time

It’s time to roll the dice by giving your guests the chance to be part of your wedding festivities. So choosing a convenient day and time will make it easy for them to spend extra quality time with each other. Usually, welcome parties are held the night before the wedding day, but if you want your guests to drop in when they can and stay for a longer period, you can shift the date to make it more enjoyable. The idea is to look to your guests to help determine the time frame that makes the most sense. Make sure everyone’s expectations are fulfilled from the get-go.

  1. Arrange seating thoughtfully

Since you want to make sure everything is in order and goes smoothly, so it is important everyone’s got a specific place to sit. People like to know where they are sitting and also that you took time for their comfort. Place guests with people they’ll know and get along with. How to do that? You need to add a new column to your guest list document that can effectively categorize all the invitees by relationship. For example, your friends, your partner’s friends; your family friends; your partner’s family friends and so on. A well-thought-out seating plan leads to healthy engagement among guests, which leads to even more entertaining night.

  1. Install photo booths

Arranging a photo booth for your wedding welcome party is a fantastic way to provide some extra entertainment for your guests. It is also a good opportunity to capture some great shots of all the people who have come to celebrate your special day. Photo booths are not just fun but also important because memories are precious. The guests will definitely enjoy having a good camera, photographer, and a beautiful backdrop ready for the memorable moments to be captured. Giving your guests some fun props such as hats, puppets, and comedy glasses can produce hilarious results.

  1. Arrange a memorable toast

No welcome party is complete without a toast with your friends and family. Though there may not be anything extraordinary about the toast itself, but the warm emotions that it stirred have had a long-lasting impact. This clearly illustrates the purpose of a wedding toast: to be simple, charming, and emotional. So how would you arrange a memorable one? Arrange a special venue for toast and ask all of your guests to gather there. Place different brands of wines and champagnes according to choice of your guests. You can also create your own personalized labels using text and photos and put them on wine bottles. It will be fun when your friends will present longer anecdotes on toasts.

  1. Include fun activities
  • Ring Toss: You can begin the proceedings by setting up your guests with a traditional ring toss game, which will keep everyone busy at any point in time.
  • Wedding wheel: Wedding wheel could be highly interactive game in your welcome party for all of your guests. It’s an innovative activity for sure. Just divide the wheel in different sections with funny commands like “Show us your best dance moves!” and “Who will be the boss!” etc. Just spin it all night long.
  • Croquet: Are you ready to give a bigger dose of entertainment? Your celebration won’t be complete without the classic game of croquet. Be sure to set up a croquet court and a perfectly modified lawn and helpful sign with rules. After starting the game, anyone can join the fun, especially young lads.
  • Word search: It is a game that will keep your guests up and energized even when they are tired and relaxing. They can play it with their friends as well as kids. Going towards any directions on the grid, search all the hidden words hidden in it.
  1. Organize a delicious food station

Great food is at the heart of any celebration. So you need to be as much creative and delicious with food as you can. Offering dishes that everyone can customize to their liking will be even better. Organizing food stations is an innovative approach where you can include any combination of food types, such as mac-and-cheese bar and sushi-rolling setup. Your invitees will have the opportunity to create their own bites, leaving them happy and well-fed.

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