Home Preparation Tips for a Perfect Backyard Wedding

Home Preparation Tips for a Perfect Backyard Wedding

Home Preparation Tips for a Perfect Backyard Wedding

Some people dream about a huge wedding hall and formal ceremony and reception, but others are more comfortable with the idea of having a more casual and private wedding. After all, what better place to say your vows than your own home? It will give your wedding a personal touch and even allow guests to feel more comfortable. However, unless you always keep your backyard ready for such events, you’ll need to conduct a few preparatory chores before your big day.

Level the field

When you book a venue, you don’t have to worry whether the dance floor is flat or not. However, your backyard might not follow the same rules and it’s probably full of bumps, slopes and holes that can prevent proper chair and table placement and cause a twisted ankle or two during the first dance. So, make sure your backyard is leveled for a comfortable and safe outdoor wedding.

Manicure your backyard

Make sure to present your backyard in the best possible light, so grab a mower and shears and get to work. Make sure your lawn is neatly mowed, the greenery and trees are trimmed and your foliage is beautiful. If you’re planning to have a spring wedding, start preparing in the fall. Your plants, flowers and the lawn will need time to grow over the winter. If you adorn your backyard with attractive foliage, you’ll need only a few décor elements, so it’s really a win-win situation.

Home Preparation Tips for a Perfect Backyard Wedding

Provide cover

Weather is unpredictable, especially lately with all the climate issues, so make sure to prevent unexpected showers or extreme sun from chasing off your guests. The best backyard cover solution is to rent a tent. It can shield your guest from rain, sun and wind and provide you with a comfy wedding setting. Shade sails are also quite practical, although they usually cover a smaller area.

Light it up

What is a wedding without plenty of illumination to create a perfect romantic atmosphere? Backyard weddings can go deep into the night, especially in places with warm climates like Australia. So, make sure your Sydney wedding is provided with sufficient power to light up the tent, your beautiful landscaping and the tables, as well as keep the band, caterers and servers going. Rent a good generator to boost your power and serve as your backup electricity plan. Additionally, take care of all your electricity issues in advance. As soon as you notice any wiring or lighting problems, contact an experienced Sydney electrician who will make sure there are no weak electrical points that can potentially ruin your wedding.

Home Preparation Tips for a Perfect Backyard Wedding
Tips for a Perfect Backyard Wedding

Rent a port-a-potty

Many guests equal many toilet visits. This will result in huge bathroom lines, messy toilets and even an overflowing septic tank! Actually, wedding experts advise having one toilet for every 30 to 35 guests. So, unless you have a very small wedding party or a very big house with 5 toilets, you’ll need a bit of help from port-a-potties. Luckily, today, there are portable toilets that are super upscale and come with lighting, sinks, heated water, air conditioning and even mirrors for makeup checkups! However, don’t forget to make your port-a-potties even more comfortable by providing your guests with baskets full of little necessities like tampons, hair spray, wet wipes, breath mints and even a few first aid items.

Keep pests away

Don’t let flies, mosquitoes and other flying and crawling pests ruin your special day. Doing a thorough pest-prevention treatment a few days before your wedding will ensure you and your guests are not bothered by bugs and their nasty bites.

A backyard that’s prepared this way will satisfy all your expectation and additionally strengthen the bond you have with your home!

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