The Most Expensive Cufflink in the World

The Most Expensive Cufflink in the World

The Most Expensive Cufflink in the World

Clothing is about style and fashion. It showcases how one man values himself and how he takes things seriously. When meeting someone for the first time, getting a quick look at what he or she is wearing is the first thing that usually pops up one’s mind. What someone is wearing says a lot about his or her tidiness and of course character.

In men’s fashion, a pair of novelty cufflinks says a lot about the man who is wearing it. Those small accessories tell a lot about the person’s personality. But have you ever wondered how much the most expensive pair of cufflinks in the world cost? Or rather, what is the most expensive pair of cufflinks? Who owns them? What are they made of?

The answer to this is the Jacob & Co. Canary Diamond cufflinks. Priced at £3.1 million or $4,195,000 per pair, the Jacob & Co. cufflinks is famed worldwide as the most expensive and luxurious item expressing extreme elegance.

The Most Expensive Cufflink in the World
The Most Expensive Cufflink in the World

Its materials consist of an 18-carat white gold. The centrepiece boasts 20 and 21 carats of Canary yellow diamonds that is surrounded by 10.76 carats of additional baguette-cut white diamonds. Additionally, this cufflink comes with a diamond-encrusted wale flip-back closure.

Jacob & Co. has been known to create the most expensive and luxurious and show-stopping works of art and fashion that money can buy. They are favoured by A-listers such as David Beckham, Beyonce, Rihanna, Madonna and many more.

Take Alicia Keys, for example, who have sported a 60-carat diamond unique reworked headpiece on her wedding day in 2010 to rapper Swizz Beatz. Jacob & Co. can definitely whip and “bling up” pieces of jewelleries that sparkle like the stars.

The Most Expensive Cufflink in the World

Unlike women, men have not found it so easy to accessorise or express themselves in their clothing. But for those who are willing to go the extra mile and accessorise, these ultra-expensive show-stopping pieces of jewelleries can be shipped in three to four working days, so long as you have the means of buying them.

Regardless of how much you spend on your cufflinks, as long as you can express yourself and be confident in your own skin and overall attire, then you’d feel priceless. Whether it’s a pair of novelty cufflinks or a commemorative one, it’s a matter of personal taste and a touch of confidence. You can still rock them!


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