Your Wedding Day Checklist Just For Your Smile

Your Wedding Day Checklist Just For Your Smile

Checklist for Avoiding Catastrophe on Your Wedding Day

Ever since I got married whenever I come across something interesting, I cannot help myself but think “Oh, why didn’t I think of that for my wedding day?” or “ How could I forget about that song?”. Having gained some experience, I will share some of it and the way I would handle certain situations if I had to do it all over again.

Check 1 – avoid pre-wedding dress disaster

I bought the wedding dress quite early so I have agreed to come back two weeks prior to the date to make some minor alterations. I did two jobs at the time and I could not keep on going back and forth as they needed me in about 10 times during those two weeks. I was so fed up with it that after I had picked up the dress, I had only tried it on the day before the wedding. Mistake! The sleeves they have added were not centered, the extra piece of fabric on the back was burned by ironing and one of the loops for the ribbon was missing.

The remedy is simple. If you haven’t been so far, be a perfectionist for the first time in your life. Try on the dress before you take it home, it has to be perfect or otherwise, it will get to you. Also, have a sewing kit (no joke) and some eager friends ready to help you keep everything in its place.


Check 2 – careful with the dress on your wedding day

Wedding dresses are traditionally white and so was mine up until the point when I had my back against a black wooden fence during our photo shoot on the wedding day. I was left with a huge black mark and even though we have managed to partially scrub it off, I had to change about an hour into the event.

Again, the remedy is not hard to think of when you know what to expect. Even though it may be slightly stressful, stay aware of the dress and try not to touch anything. If you have to sit on something, check before you do. Have an alternative, more comfortable outfit to change into in case of emergency.

Wedding Day Checklist

Your Wedding Day Checklist Just For Your Smile
Wedding Day Checklist


Check 3 – the real-time conditions

My friends had their wedding ceremony in a garden of a restaurant right after sunset. The manager of the venue has told them not to worry about dark as it will be beautifully lit. However, it was not and the pretty garden, as well as the ceremony for the most, went unnoticed. Do not take anyone’s word for granted, if there is something bothering you, confirm it yourself. This situation could have been resolved with some extra candles and candelabras had they known that they cannot take the manager’s word for it.

Check 4 – uninvited guests

A riverside venue, a beautiful green garden with a pond. Everything was perfect until right about during and after sunset when the guests of dishonor came. We were trapped in a cloud of mosquitos. If you are organizing a wedding outdoors surrounded by greenery or water, make sure you have enough insect repellent candles and lanterns to keep them away. These will blend into the existent non-toxic setting.

Check 5 – the weather

I have been to plenty of weddings interrupted by rain as well as to some not prepared for the heat of the day. Make sure you can fit an equal number of guests indoors and outdoors. Do not let your garden wedding run out of options if you are surprised by rain, nor let your guests burn in the sun if the temperature is higher than expected. You can always surprise them with thoughtful presents such as umbrellas on a potentially rainy day or fans for the ladies in the summer.

Your Wedding Day Checklist Just For Your Smile

Check 6 – the greenery

Speaking of the greenery and the weather, if you are hosting a backyard wedding, make sure that your garden looks perfect and that every color is just the way you want it to be. Your grass needs to stay green and your flowers need to be colorful and perky. Trusted people, hoses, and long hose reels can make all the difference so if you cannot do it yourself, hire or designate someone to water the garden for you regularly, including the wedding day.

Check 7 – directions

There is a local restaurant here on the main street, you cannot miss it. However, If you are driving to a wedding there, finding a way to their parking is close to impossible. If you found it tricky to get to your venue the first time, you can assume that others will, too. Enclose a little map or an explanation with your invitation. If your ceremony and reception are not happening in the same place, have someone remind the guests of the route after the ceremony.

The most important thing to remember on your wedding day is to smile sincerely. Enjoy your happiness and make it contagious. This is what truly sets the mood, and the mood is probably the only thing you will remember about your wedding day when as the time passes.

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