Tips For Picking The Perfect Wedding Dress

Tips For Picking The Perfect Wedding Dress

Tips For Picking The Perfect Wedding Dress

The wedding day is all about the bride, which means it is also all about the dress. The dress that you pick for your wedding day has to be just right; after years and years of marriage, you’re going to look at pictures of yourself in that very dress. First things first, a wedding dress should be evergreen. You should be able to wear that dress even after 10 years or 50 years, because old is gold. Don’t think about what is in style now; think about what will look good no matter what. Other than that crucial factor, here are some tips to help you find the perfect wedding dress!

1- Know your body type

The best way to figure out what you want to wear on your wedding day is by understanding your body type. Should you wear a short wedding dress to show off your legs? Should you wear a peplum shaped dress to show off your curves? Maybe a strappy wedding dress so people can see your toned arms? That way, when you do start trying on wedding dresses, you’ll have a fair idea of what you’re looking for.

2- Be true to your size

Many brides buy a dress a size smaller because they want to lose weight before their wedding day. No! Buy a dress that fits you just right. Because there are a million things to do, including cake tasting and wine tasting, before your big day and weight loss should not be your number one priority. Buy the dress that fits perfectly, because that very dress will look just right on your big day. After all, he is marrying you for you, not a thinner you!

3- Theme and location matter

Nowadays, most weddings are either destination weddings or have some fun theme – and that always means unique wedding entertainment! So, find a dress that fits that theme! For example, if you are having a beach wedding, then you’re going to want to wear something that is really summery with a casual yet chic vibe. Let’s say you’ve found a beautiful palace to get married in, then you might want a wedding dress with a really long trail to add to that wow factor.

4- Do the fittings right

First of all, the right and the only way to do a bridal fitting is with a glass of champagne. Other than that, it is important to have the right lingerie and shoes while you’re doing the fittings. Is the hem of your dress and the height of your heel sitting correctly? Is your bra strap peeking out from anywhere? All these things need to be checked while you’re trying on the dresses.  Talking about heels, make sure you’ve picked the most comfortable pair otherwise your feet will be killing you.

5- Go with an open mind

Be open to trying different cuts and silhouettes before you decide what suits you best. Most brides walk into the store thinking that they want a certain type of dress and refuse to look at anything else. Instead of choosing the dress, let the dress choose you! Say, you have your heart set on a lace wedding gown; you should be willing to try a tulle wedding dress or a satin one– you never know what looks good till you try it on!  It’s usually a good idea to take one or two people with you while you go dress hunting because a second opinion never hurts.

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