Planning a Destination Wedding in Chennai

Tips and Tricks When Planning a Destination Wedding in Chennai

Tips and Tricks When Planning a Destination Wedding in Chennai

Hosting a destination wedding sounds all fun and happening until the planning part comes. Why you may ask, it is because planning local weddings is still easy but not a destination wedding. Also, we come across destination weddings in Rajasthan, Goa, and for that matter Bangkok, but planning one in the South is still difficult. But, nothing is difficult when we are there to serve you. If you are planning your destination wedding in Chennai, here we have some tips and tricks for you on how to go ahead with it.

Chennai might not be a popular location for hosting weddings as compared to others. But, it has some great beaches, cities, palaces, temples which can be an amazing host. If you are totally unaware of how to start your planning and make this journey of a destination wedding in Chennai easy, come join us:

  1. Jot Down Your Thoughts: This is one of the most important things a couple must do. Sit with your family and decide on things like budget and what kind of a wedding you are looking forward to (beach, temple or traditional etc). How many guests you are planning to invite and what about your vendors (are you going to hire from your town or from Chennai). These are some basic questions that require an answer before starting the process of planning your destination wedding.
  2. Start Searching For Venues: Once you are done with the first step, start looking for venues in Chennai. The best way to find it is on the WMG app. Download it and find the best  banquet halls in Chennai in your budget and within your requirements. Also, you can search for different wedding vendors in Chennai on the app itself. With reviews and ratings, you will get a better idea about the wedding venue you are planning to pick.
    make this journey of a destination wedding in Chennai easy
  3. Budget or Big Fat Wedding: Let’s be honest, a wedding is not a cheap affair. It takes all your investments to do one. So, think about it! Choose what fits your budget, an intimate budget wedding, or a big fat wedding. This is important because you will be picking up decor for the wedding accordingly and the vendors too.
  4. Contact Your Friends, Locals Staying In Chennai: This will literally help you a lot. Ask your relatives, distant friends, anyone who has a connection or knows a local who can help you plan a wedding in Chennai. He/She might have contacts that can be of great help (actually, any help in the wedding is great!).,
  5. Plan In Advance: The major difference between a local wedding and destination wedding is planning. You have to plan the wedding at least 8-9 months in advance. You have to book the tickets (either flight or train), you have to take RSVPs, arrange for vendors, see if the venue you have picked is available, how is the weather, how will you accommodate your guests, everything needs to have a proper plan.

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