The stunning five destination wedding places, where you want to be at your wedding

The stunning five destination wedding places, where you want to be at your wedding

Top 5 places for destination weddings in 2018 

The stunning five destination wedding places, where you want to be at your wedding

If you love to visit places then you travelled the world yourself and visited new places, discovered new destinations, met different people of different ethnicity and definitely experienced different cultures.

This entire means that you tried to live your life to the maximum. It is also the fact that travelling single is an amazing experience and always brings peace of mind and pleasure to the maximum level because you do not have any excess luggage with you to care about, do not have your partner with you who would oppose your plans to see places.

In addition, you do not need to share your moments with anybody at all, but on the other hand, we do not live single for whole life. For those travelers who have someone with them to share their special moments when they are in love, they are lucky enough in their life.

The stunning five destination wedding places, where you want to be at your wedding

When they wish to share their sense of adventure with someone then there is only way out and it is a destination wedding. 2018 is considered the year of destination weddings and couples across the globe are planning to make their special days even special by choosing the places for destination weddings.

They prefer to go outside of their country to make their special day even special. They prefer to go alone instead of managing large parties and maintaining large lists of guests and burning thousands of dollars for nothing. They prefer to go to some new place to enjoy their wedding.

Are you recently engaged? If you think in the same way that touring blasé banquet halls and combining long lists of guests will just suck the magic of your big day out, then it is the time to think out of the box and start looking for some best places for a destination wedding.

The stunning five destination wedding places, where you want to be at your wedding

It is the time to cut down the lists and deciding on the best friends only, experiencing the stunning places to eschew those worn out traditions. Plan a destination wedding with your loved ones and set the tone for an elegant and pleasant start of your new life with a lifetime experience.


If you are thinking like all other couples do, then it is the time to see where to go for a destination wedding and where to want to be on your special day. For the best answer, couples looked to wedding planners and they give them lists of most trending hot spots for the big day.

The destination wedding places always change with the trends and popular places which were once the sign of style and romance go out of style and boring with the time. Reasons for going out shade can be many e.g. after becoming too popular they become overdone and too expensive due to demand.

Planning the perfect destination wedding is not that tough!

Travelling to any destination across the globe is now very easy as it was never before. There are hundreds of options for couples, brides and grooms to get attractive travel plans for their destination weddings.

The stunning five destination wedding places, where you want to be at your wedding

No matter what are their budget and how much excess luggage they have to carry, e.g. clothes, dry fruits and other belongings for their wedding. Now lefts the destination wedding places, here are the top five destination wedding places where you wish to be on your special day.
Until now, Guatemala was in the kids’ stories and suspense digests but as a destination wedding place, it has been a well-kept secret. Same is the thought of one of our destination wedding specialists, who are seeing demand for weddings and he noticed that the demand for all kind of weddings has been increased in the past years.

The stunning five destination wedding places, where you want to be at your wedding
Guatemala – Top 5 places for destination weddings in 2018

According to him, preferred locations for the destination weddings in the Central American country are only two and they are the charming part of UNESCO World Heritage. These are the colonial city of Antigua, it hosts 16th-century cloister Hotel Museo Casa Santo Domingo.

This hotel has a fairy-tale look with candlelight and wrecks and second is the Lake Atitlan, equated to Lake Como. Inspiring, colourful and cultural enriched villages and colonies living around the lake and can be seen on the volcanos.

All of these options can make your photography a real charm and an epic, especially when you are residing at the Hotel Museo Casa Santo Domingo, as it can facilitate hundreds of couples at the same time.

According to the destination wedding planners, magic was born in Guatemala and it is the best place to start your new life from here. Generally, Guatemala hosts a number of unique venues and destinations with very unique and special qualities. It is the place you can celebrate love with your partner and enjoy the perfect weather of Guatemala.

Puglia, Italy

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and has a number of places to enjoy your destination wedding with Italian people and start your new life. Though it’s been many years now when famous American actress Jessica Biel and singer Justin Timberlake wed in Italy.

You might be surprised to know that the place where they wed was the same one we have selected for you. It was the quaint Italian region Puglia in Italy. This region is also one of the hidden attractions but now it is gaining attraction among the couples.

The stunning five destination wedding places, where you want to be at your wedding
Puglia, Italy – Top 5 places for destination weddings in 2018

One of the wedding planners predicts that this place would remain a hot destination for couples in 2018. This region of Italy offers charming sceneries, mind-blowing environment, and gorgeous landscapes. By nature, this place has a romantic environment as of Tuscany.

However, it is quiet and calm, there is no rush of tourists yet, and it is one of the clean and virgin places for destination wedding couples. Italy is already a heaven for the food lovers thus this region of Puglia is. However, the wine drinkers have no array of charming and romantic wine yards to select.

This region has miles of coastline along the Adriatic Sea and considered as one of the most luxurious places across the globe. It also holds the status of being one of the best maintained Apulia architectures in Italy. You can go wrong by large.

Palm Springs, California USA

If you are planning to travel the USA and thinking about the romantic mecca, then do not forget about the Palm Springs, include them to your golden state tour plan and make your wedding even romantic with an old-time touch.

This gateway to the desert is becoming a hot destination for business tours, couples, and definitely destination wedding planners. The curiosity of couples is boosting since last few years. The allure of the hidden oasis in the desert gives couples a romantic environment what they crave for at their destination wedding.

The stunning five destination wedding places, where you want to be at your wedding
Palm Springs, California USA – Top 5 places for destination weddings in 2018

This destination is the best place for non-summer seasons and is actually attractive when it offers something for everyone. There are a number of mid-century accommodations, resorts, boutiques, and modern hotels at the same time.

The mid-century decor at your wedding looks even charming at the time of sunset, so why not make the sunset charm an opportunity for your photo of life.


The state in the western US hosts diverse landscapes and most amazing scenery that seemingly made to be the part of your destination wedding. This part of the world might have the world’s most beautiful landscapes if you wish to wed your partner in the winter season.

You have mountains to be immersed in, a similar standard of services and amenities that a hotel offers in New York, you would have a reception in a ballroom and would found no disrespect to the New York ballrooms.

The stunning five destination wedding places, where you want to be at your wedding
Colorado – Top 5 places for destination weddings in 2018

This ruggedly untouched place is definitely one of the world’s most gorgeous places for destination weddings. Colorado has a lot to offer in terms of value and elegance to the couples who actually love to be outdoors.

Around the Denver, there are farms, mountains retreats and luxurious places to welcome the visitors just like the fairy tale sceneries. Dunton hot springs offer an ideal view of nature with world-class hospitality and services, delicious food and diverse cultural activities.

There are around 5 natural hot springs and 1700 acre of wilderness area to discover and plenty of places to discover after your special day when the actual celebration starts when love meets to its origin and becomes an unstoppable affection forever.

Big Island, Hawaii

Hawaii is really a heaven of tourists and nature lovers from across the globe and if you always dreamed of a tropical gateway for your destination wedding then there is nothing best than Big Island in Hawaii. It is one of the most attractive and hot places for destination weddings.

It is the largest island in the chain of islands of Hawaii and is rich in nature with lush landscapes and gorgeous places to see, rainforests and charming scenery, there is a lot see with your partner. It has black sand beaches to roll on and take a sunbath during your honeymoon, so a double package in the cost of single.

The stunning five destination wedding places, where you want to be at your wedding
Big Island, Hawaii – Top 5 places for destination weddings in 2018

Plan for a destination wedding and enjoy your honeymoon as well. Explore the area with your partner and you would see that this part of the world is just not like other tropical destinations in the world. The weather is elegant all year long, even winter is soft here.

In winter, this place becomes the paradise of couples. The only thing which is not an attraction for tourists is the price hikes in peak seasons. However, there are many other times to visit the area when you can enjoy a lot of budgeted costs.

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