The Ideal Wedding and Engagement Ring Needs To Have The Perfect Shape!

The Ideal Wedding and Engagement Ring Needs To Have The Perfect Shape!

The Ideal Wedding and Engagement Ring Needs To Have The Perfect Shape! 

Have you started feeling any butterflies flying around in your stomach? Why, you ask? Well, your wedding is right around the corner! There might be some time left, but time will literally fly away. Hey, in all the preparations, do not forget about the wedding ring!

The ring is one of the most important parts of your wedding day. Post-engagement, this is another day important in each and every couple’s life. You could either purchase lovely classic wedding bands, or go the traditional way with beautiful stone embedded rings, like diamond or a sapphire one! But, before you choose the ring, you will have to decide on the ring style and size. Before you start your search, do have a look at Wikipedia for details on engagement rings and wedding rings

How can you choose a Wedding Ring that flatters you?

Feeling excited about your wedding day? Well, you have every right too! To make the day unique and special, you only need your better half. Wedding dress, food, venue and other such arrangements are just the icing on the cake. But a major show stealer would be (surely!) the wedding band or ring! There are numerous stores like Simon Wright Jewellery, who have an impressive collection of mesmerizing rings!

Just like not everyone has the same face, each and every person has different kind of finger shape and hands. So, you need to find a wedding ring that compliments the wearer. Whenever, you go to choose a wedding ring, keep this in your mind as well.

The Ideal Wedding and Engagement Ring Needs To Have The Perfect Shape!
The Ideal Wedding and Engagement Ring Needs To Have The Perfect Shape!

Here are some crucial factors to keep in mind while choosing your wedding ring:

  1. Rings for Short Fingers: Short fingers might look cute, but without the proper ring style, it can completely ruin the look of the ring, as well as the wedding look. You would not want your fingers to look stubby, right? The best type of ring for your fingers would be narrow width bands that make your fingers look long. The medium width bands too may work for your fingers! If you choose a stone studded ring, then go for rings that have pear or oval shaped ring. A Marquise ring can also work.
  1. Rings for Long, Slender Fingers: You have long and slender fingers? Well, you are already at an advantage, because most styles look good on your fingers. You have the independence to choose wider bands and any kind of stone cut! A halo setting can also work wonders for your fingers. Just make sure that the rings are not too thin, as it might make your fingers look excessively long, which can be a turnoff at times!
  1. Rings for Square Hands & Fingers: Every hand (and finger) has a right to pamper themselves! Choose the ring accordingly to negate the “boxy” look. A delicate design would be the smart choice. Rectangular and square centrepiece stone and designs are to be avoided at all costs. The stone should be round, pear or oval shaped, with soft line features.
  1. Rings for Wide Fingers: Slender bands have a tendency to emphasize the width of your fingers, so it is common sense to avoid these. A split shank band kind of ring is good for wide fingers, because these kinds of rings can help develop an impression of long fingers and distract attention from the width of your fingers.

Did you know, that, you had to worry about the knuckles as well?! Most probably not! For advice on best rings to distract attention from knuckles, you need expert help.  They will guide you towards the ring that matches your personal style, and enhances you (physical) features as well. The wrong ring style can diminish it significantly.

Whether it is wedding or engagement, ring for the bride or the groom, you want a perfect ring. Apart from budget and ring style or ring setting, also consider your hand and finger characteristics. Use these to find a captivating and charming ring, which enhances your feelings and looks. After all your wedding ring is there to stay!

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