Planning Jungle Safari? Know What You Need to Pack for it

Planning for a Jungle Safari?

Planning for a Jungle Safari?

Know What You Need to Pack for it

You know what all things to carry while planning for a business trip or a leisure trip to a beautiful tourist destination. But, what about a jungle safari? If you are planning for a jungle safari on your next vacation, you need to do some specific preparations for that. The most important aspect of preparing for a jungle safari is the choice of clothes and adequate gears you should carry with you.

An ideal jungle safari will take you to the remote locations where you will not have access to the civilized world. You may not be having internet connectivity or any modern means of communication at such places. You will also not be finding a shop nearby to purchase a pair of clothes or shoes when you are in need.

So, packing for a jungle safari is something, which should be planned and prepared well in advance. Here, let’s explore what all things you need to pack in order to enjoy such a jungle safari at best. Apart from what we discuss here, you may also be getting some specific instructions also from your tour administrators, which one should strictly follow.


Packing for jungle safari

  • Clothing

To plan which clothes to pack, you have to do a bit or research about the place you are traveling to. If you are getting into forests with humid and hot weather like Tadoba Resort, carry some cool cotton wear. Carry sweaters and woolen wear if you are planning to explore places with a cold weather.

There are some jungles where the climatic condition is really unpredictable. For such places, it is handy to carry raincoats and caps too. Always keep some extra clothing handy as it is easy to get dirty out there in jungle and you may not find a laundry service that easily.

  • A pair of binoculars and camera

Not to say why you shouldn’t forget a good pair of pair of binoculars. While inside the jungle on a tree house or getting a glimpse of a tiger at a distance, you need binoculars to see things clearly. A professional camera is advisable if you want to capture all the exciting moments out there, or at least have a good quality digital camera in hand.

  • Repellent creams

Mosquitoes and various types of insects are going to be your major enemies in the jungle. You may be also sleeping in tents or open tree houses. So, one thing you shouldn’t forget to pack is repellent creams and lotions. You can get special odorless repellent creams specifically for jungle safaris, which can keep away leeches and snakes too. You can check for such products with the tour service providers.

  • Footwear

Solid and sturdy shoes or boots are must for jungle safari. Along with a good pair of shoes, you must also carry a number of pairs of socks too. While inside the forest, mud and grime may soil your socks quickly.

It is also important to pack some essential medications. A visit to a chemist is advisable before you are planning for a jungle safari, who can suggest some essential medicines to be carried for allergies, stomach upset, antiseptics etc. Prepare a first aid kid to be kept in your bag. Also make sure that you pack your bags wisely to be compact and light.

Author Bio: Ruchi Gupta is a wildlife photographer and a nature enthusiast used to travel around the globe with her camera. For quite a while, she is working on her next documentary on the wild tigers, staying at the Tadoba Resort.

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