Must Know Wedding Hair Buns and Accessories

Must Know Wedding Hair Buns and Accessories

Must Know Wedding Hair Buns and Accessories

When we are about to say yes, of course, we imagine ourselves at the top. Because the hairstyle of the bride is one of the most important parameters of its beauty, you are offered ten exceptional buns to give you inspiration. Nothing like a pretty bun to clear the face and put it in the light, especially when it comes to brightening a future bride. Here are the most beautiful designs that we managed to find on the internet.

List of Best Wedding Hair Buns

  1. The bun to headbands
    Imposing and sophisticated, it makes the difference with its two braided headbands perfectly positioned.
  2. The maxi bun intermingled We fall for this maxi bun with intertwined braids that give it this beautiful scale.
  3. The simple bun down We tell without hesitation to this simple low bun embellished with an elegant pearl. To copy!
  4. The curved bun When we admire this incredible curved bun, we think we would like to have the chance to have frizzy hair just to try this hairstyle.
  5. The crown bun We have eyes that shine in front of this sublime bun adorned with a crown of flowers very summery.
  6. The braided bun We remain speechless in front of this beautiful bun with big braids.
  7. The twisted bun In the same vein, we are excited by the result of this bun ideally twisted on the side.
  8. The fuzzy bun The strength of this bun is to be both chic and casual.
  9. The wavy bun This cleverly waved bun makes us want to succumb to temptation.
  10. The bohemian bun We love the bohemian style of this fuzzy bun embellished with some braids.

Wedding Hair Accessories You Must Know

So now it’s time to talk about wedding hairstyles accessories and which style you must owe on your wedding day. You can also make your hairstyle more beautiful by using various hair accessories. You just need to check the buyers trend of the market that which hair accessories people are using nowadays. Here are the coolest accessories to adopt this summer for your special day.

  1. The lace headband For a very romantic or bohemian wedding, this accessory is the right solution. Delicately placed on the top of the forehead, it is very well associated with a lace dress, especially associated with a braided hairstyle or simply wavy. Attention, we forget the bridal bun too worked with this accessory. Too much in sight!
  2. The half-wreath of flowers This headband is perfect for sublimating a bareback. The flowers placed on the back of the head make bohemian a simple detached hairstyle. Placed on the front of the skull, it allows clearing the face for more convenience all day.
  3. The golden laurel comb The comb is another kind of accessory to adopt for a wedding. It works extremely well with a low bun and worked. Golden or silver, it adds a chic and elegant touch to a too classic hairstyle.
  4. The jewelry headband The wedding band is sometimes lace, sometimes decorated with jewelry. This version is extremely romantic and is perfect for a strapless or mermaid dress. We validate the fastener on the back of the head, which adds a touch of femininity.
  5. False flowers in a headband To not worry about buying fresh flowers just before D-Day, here is a crown that will not fade! We love the XXL floral side that will contrast to perfection with a simple long dress pattern.

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