How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Hairstyle for You

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Hairstyle for You

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Hairstyle for You

When it comes to finalising your look for the big day, there’s no denying that your hair is a massive part of your finished appearance, so it’s important to get it right.

There’s a lot of factors to take into consideration when choosing the perfect wedding hair for you, including your hair type, your face shape, your personal style and of course your dress but we’re going to be sharing with you an easy to follow guide of tips and tricks to perfecting your wedding hair.

Hair Type

There’s really no getting away from your hair type when choosing a style that is going to worhairk for you, especially as you want to choose a hair style that will stay perfectly in place all day long.

It’s a well known fact that some hair styles work better for certain hair types more than others and as much as extensions truly are a bride’s best friend if you’re trying to defy your own hair type and go for a style that doesn’t technically work for you, keeping your hair type in mind is always going to help ensure you get the best results.

We think Wedding Ideas Magazine perfectly sum it up when they say to use your hair type to your advantage, so instead of focusing on the things your hair won’t do, focus on what it will do or how you can work with your hair type to make the style you want happen.

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Hairstyle for You
How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Hairstyle for You

Face Shape

We’re all born with a slightly different face shape and as we grow older, it can change or it can stay the same but either way, on your wedding day, your face shape is going to play quite the role in determining what hair style will work for you.

As much as we fully back every bride in choosing whatever hairstyle she wants, whether it is considered right for her face shape or not, there’s no denying that some hairstyles do flatter some face shapes more than others and therefore are better choices for some bride compared to others.

For example, the oval face shape is considered the perfect face shape so you can really do what you like but round face shapes are often advised to go for softer hair style that are looser around the face to avoid accentuating the roundness of the face.

Brides with heart shaped faces are recommended styles with more going on at the bottom of the hair opposed to the roots to move the focus away from the forehead which is the prominent feature of the face and as for brides with square face shapes, curls and rounder hairstyles soften the sharpness of this face shape.

Personal Style

Above all, your big day is all about showcasing your personal style at its very best and ensuring you feel entirely comfortable in what you’re wearing, so your hairstyle should be a look that you really love and feel glamourous in.

Your hairstyle should capture the theme of your big day and your overall bridal look whilst remaining true to you and showcasing the kind of hairstyle features and accessories you usually favour. Your big day isn’t the best day to go all out and try something totally unique to you as that isn’t going to help you feel relaxed.

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Hairstyle for You
How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Hairstyle for You

Your Dress

One last point worth mentioning when choosing that perfect hair style is your dress and how that impacts what hairstyles work and which don’t.

If you have a dress with a lot going on around the neck and shoulders then keeping your hair pretty simple is probably the best option, you might even want to consider an up do, particularly if your back and neckline are the statement elements of your gown as you don’t want these to be covered by your hair.

This theory works in the opposite way too because if you have a wedding dress that is very simple at the top, a more flamboyant or statement hair do is the perfect way to add something a little extra special to pull the whole look together.

There can be a lot to think about when choosing your wedding hair but hopefully this guide from Maria Modes has simplified this ever so slightly daunting task and helped you determine what kind of look is going to be right for you on the big day.

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