7 Best Lipstick Shades for a Timeless Wedding Look

7 Best Lipstick Shades for a Timeless Wedding Look

7 Best Lipstick Shades for a Timeless Wedding Look

Now that you’ve ticked off many things from your wedding to-do list, it’s time to consider your bridal lip color. You’ll give big smiles on your big day, so it pays to wear lipstick that enhances your lips and brightens your smile. It’s essential to choose a shade that compliments your skin tone. It completes your makeup and gives you a fresh and radiant look.

There’s a dizzying array of lipstick colors, formulas, and textures. It may be fun to experiment with your lip color during night-outs, parties, or dates, but you can’t take that risk on your wedding day. So here’s a list of the best lipstick shades for a timeless wedding look.

7 Best Lipstick Shades for a Timeless Wedding Look
7 Best Lipstick Shades for a Timeless Wedding Look

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1. Coral Pink

Coral Pink

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This lipstick shade is your best bet if you’ll walk down the aisle during summertime to give a cheerful vibe reminiscent of sunny days and happy vibes. It works well on cool and warm skin tones as a neutral color. It can also add a brilliant pop of color to a white wedding dress.

Beauty experts recommend keeping the rest of the makeup simple when wearing this shade. You’d want to keep your lips the star of the show. It’s perfect if you’re not used to applying too much makeup. Light pink blush and some mascara will keep you glowing the whole day.

2. Red


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Red can be a tricky color to pull off, especially for a bridal look. However, it can be an elegant and timeless statement. It’s great for expressing your glamorous side. This vibrant pop of color is best for winter or evening weddings.

Wear red lipstick for a romantic, ethereal look if you’re wearing a dramatic ball gown. It can also add an artistic element to a minimalist dress or an unconventional tuxedo. Being comfortable and confident in your lipstick choice is the key to rocking a loud shade.

3. Peach or Pinkish Nude

Peach or Pinkish Nude

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More brides nowadays prefer the natural look because it’s subtly glamorous and low maintenance. The classic peach or pinkish nude is best for women with fair complexion. They add a touch of warmth and enhance naturally pinkish lips.

You can find the right lipstick shade by checking out virtual try-on platforms or practicing on the ones you already have. Opt for a soft matte finish to emphasize this shade’s natural lip texture.

4. Golden Beige

Golden Beige

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This dark nude shade lipstick works best if you have an olive skin tone. Choose one with a satin texture to enhance your sunkissed look. For a beautifully balanced complexion, you may add a touch of muted coral or peach to your lips. Be careful not to go lighter since it may look like you’re wearing concealer instead of lipstick.

A smokey eye makeup goes perfectly well with golden beige lipstick. Match this elegant look with a sleek and minimalist wedding gown. This ensemble will look great during evening weddings or indoor venues with dramatic interiors.

5. Dark Red 

Dark Red

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Red lipstick is mainly associated with a sexy vibe, but it may not be appropriate for a wedding. Save a fierce color for the honeymoon and choose dark red lipstick instead. This classic and sophisticated shade is best for formal weddings or evening soirees.

A close relative of this color is the electric chili red. It’s a fun and modern alternative for a casual or daytime wedding. It brightens up the complexion nicely and makes a simple dress stand out. This shade is vibrant enough by itself.

6. Fuschia


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Match your playful and outgoing personality with a pop of fuchsia. Brides with dark complexions should opt for fuschia lipstick with purple undertones. On the other hand, fair-skinned ladies can rock a brighter hue.

A good contour, nude eye shadow, and a flawless base work perfectly with this vibrant hue. Remember to stick with a matte version since a glittery one does not photograph well.

7. Tangerine



Photo by Tran Duc Hung on Pexels

Tangerine is a festive shade that can liven up your wedding look. Spring or summer brides can look radiant with this refreshing orange lipstick. This color is for you if you’re not comfortable wearing red but want to stand out. Choose lipstick similar to carrot, tomato, and pumpkin shades.

A great feature of this color is that it can be bold or sweet, depending on the application. Pair this lippy with a warm blush to give your complexion a refreshing glow. Don’t worry about finding your orange match—this versatile shade perfectly matches any hair color or skin tone.

Pucker Up, Gorgeous Bride!

Every bride dreams of looking phenomenal on her big day. Wearing the right shade of lipstick can enhance your natural beauty and allow your personality to shine. Try some lipstick hacks that can help you make the most out of your lipstick color. The following tips can also help boost your confidence and alleviate some of your wedding jitters:

  • Stay true to your style

It will show if you are uncomfortable in the shade you wear. If you’re not a fan of red lipstick, then it’s okay to choose a different color despite what your stylist says. Your wedding is not the right time to experiment with colors you’re not used to. Trust that your natural beauty will shine with lipstick meant for you.

  • Buy a similar tube for your wedding day

If a makeup artist will doll you up, ask for the lipstick brand and shade they’ll be using on you. Then, buy the same one and bring it on your wedding day. You may carry it on your wrist pouch or ask your maid-of-honor to keep it for you. It will come in handy during touch-ups.

Lastly, be confident. You did your homework and have chosen the best shade for your skin tone. Indeed, you’re going to be a stunning bride to the love of your life.

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