Wedding Rings Popular Styles of Settings

Wedding Rings: Popular Styles of Settings

Wedding Rings Popular Styles of Settings

In ancient Egypt, people slipped circles that were made of gold or silver wire onto the third finger of their left hand because it was believed that the finger connected directly to the heart; wedding rings have come a long way since then. In the last century alone, there have been some significant changes in the kind of styles that are favored by brides and grooms. While there is no denying that diamond rings are a classic option, but these days, couples have more choice, especially those who are looking for a relationship that not only symbolizes their relationship, but is also a reflection of their personal style.

Those who don’t want to go down the traditional route with a diamond wedding ring can explore the world of colorful center stones, mixed metal settings, vintage-inspired designs and even unique options such as sterling silver spin ring. If you are looking for some inspiration and insight into the most popular trends, here are some of the settings you can consider:

  • Diamond Solitaire

In this setting, your diamond is the center of attention, which makes the quality and cut very important. You can choose between the popular princess cut and the classic round diamond. If not, you can also choose from something more distinct in a pear, oval, emerald or marquise shape. Those who are romantic in nature can go with a heart shaped diamond as it will speak volumes about their love.

Wedding Rings Popular Styles of Settings
Wedding Rings Popular Styles of Settings
  • Pave Settings

The beauty of pave wedding rings is that they exude elegance and luxury as the surface of the ring is covered in diamonds. This can create a constantly glittering surface. While you have the option of choosing any gemstone you want for a wedding ring, diamond remains the most popular, which are set closely together with tiny beads of platinum or gold holding them in place. Pave settings are popular because the gemstones give off extra sparkle and the metal involved in the setting cannot be seen. This leads to a stunning line of glitter and light.

  • Three Stone Rings

Also called Bostonian rings, three stone rings are used for representing the past, present and future of your relationship. Therefore, they have a more traditional design with a large diamond in the center and two smaller diamonds flanking it on the side. But, some modern styles have also been introduced that boast side diamonds of almost the same or equal to the size of the center diamond. This exhibits the enduring and consistent nature of love. For this particular wedding ring style, princess cut diamonds are quite popular and sometimes sapphires, rubies and other gemstones are set beside the center diamond for a unique look.

  • Halo Rings

In this particular setting, there is a gemstone in the center and it is encircled by several pave diamonds. This frames the center gemstone in a very striking way and also amplifies the visual impression. Halo wedding rings had become trendy in the 1920s and the style has seen some real resurgence these days as more and more people become interested in vintage ring styles. Some modern twists have also been given and cut is very important in the case of these rings because they place the beauty and brilliance of the diamond at the center.

  • Bezel Settings

Practical reasons and modern looks are two of the top reasons why bezel wedding rings are in demand. But, this doesn’t mean they are not beautiful. It is the most secure setting and the focus is all on the centrally located diamond, which is wrapped carefully with an elegant edging of platinum or gold.

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