Wedding Transportation for Big Weddings

Wedding Transportation for Big Weddings

Wedding Transportation for Big Weddings

You’ve asked your closest friends and family to join your wedding party and booked the date, venue, and catering for your big day. One of the last things a bride has on her mind is transportation, as it can be one of the most stressful aspects of your wedding day. While limos are definitely still an option, more couples are choosing bigger, better vehicles to get around on their wedding day. Discover the many benefits of booking a charter bus for your wedding day.

  • Go big or go home! For most weddings, limos are a traditional option that you can’t go wrong with. If you have a wedding party that totals 10 or less, treat yourself to the VIP treatment and make a lasting impression on your guests with a limo. If your wedding party is larger, the limited sizes limos come in won’t work. Instead, consider a school or charter bus to get everyone to and from.
  • Choose convenience. A charter bus is an out-of-the-box way to travel to your big day, that is also convenient and economical. Though it may not be the most stylish ride, it is practical and one of the easiest ways to offer transportation for your entire wedding party and guests alike.

  • Make the economical choice. Using a charter bus means that less people have to rent cars or drive themselves. Have a big hike between the ceremony and reception? Shuttling wedding go-ers from Point A to Point B creates an environment that isn’t as stressful for your loved ones. Choosing a charter bus for a wedding is good for the environment too. By going together, you’ve just put fewer cars on the road!
  • Add an element of fun. Another unique option is to choose is a school bus. It’s another way to shuttle guests to and from your wedding destination to a reception. Renting a school bus is also an inexpensive option if you are on a budget. A standard school bus can seat 72 people, which can be helpful when making multiple trips for a large wedding.
  • Pick the option that’s right for you. Start researching charter bus options four to six months prior to the wedding date. If your wedding is near a holiday or high school or college event seasons, check with a rental company about availability as soon as possible. Checking out options in person is vital when searching to make sure you know for sure if your mode of transportation fits your party! Once you’ve made a decision, get a written agreement that includes total cost, deposits required, refund and gratuity policies, exact model of vehicles you’ve requested and overtime rate per hour. Don’t forget to verify your driver’s license and insurance! You can get that information from your local Public Utilities Commission.

If you’re a bride to be, there’s no need to stress! Consider booking a charter bus for your wedding day to lessen the hassle and celebrate together on your special day.

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