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Running a Wedding Venue: Top 5 Must-dos

Running a Wedding Venue: Top 5 Must-dos

Running a Wedding Venue: Top 5 Must-dos

With today’s market being merciless and the technology continually impacting the way we do business, it is challenging to find a branch that is a “sure deal.” Fortunately, people will always get married, so this business is as sure as it gets.  In the U.S. alone, more than two million people get married every year. However, running a successful wedding venue doesn’t come without effort, some setbacks, and thorough planning. Besides finding a space (if you already don’t have one), you will need to establish a service that adheres to specific standards. So, if you are considering running an event-hosting venue, here are five things you will need to do.

Choose a property

You might already have an old barn that could be used for popular rustic weddings, but you still need to research zoning laws for that area and verify that this type of business is permissible at that location. And since you’re there, research the permits and licenses required to operate in your area. If you haven’t found your site yet, don’t rush into it. Take your time to find a venue that offers something unique which will drive the couples to your door. That can be a lavish garden in the backyard, a beautiful terrace, or a fantastic view of nature. The proximity of wedding consultants and other services you want to include in your offer is also important.

Decide on your offer

While you can offer the venue alone, most couples would rather choose a service that covers most of their needs. You will learn a lot by studying what the competition provides to the happy couples, and try to add something extra. The competitors can also be your guide when it comes to pricing. You can also try to find out what the clientele wants by visiting wedding conventions and asking the couples who are actively looking for wedding venues. Some of the frequently included services are event planning, photography, flowers, decoration and catering.

Running a Wedding Venue: Top 5 Must-dos
Running a Wedding Venue

Form useful partnerships

While you can offer an abundance of additional services, it is nearly impossible to cover all the necessities, particularly if you are new in the business. Because of that, you will need to form fruitful partnerships with other companies which can complement your offer. For example, weddings tend to leave a lot of mess, and your space needs to be presentable for showings at any time. It is vital to find a partner such as Quickly Please cleaning services, specialized for effective cleaning, even after hours. Depending on your overall offer, you can cooperate with florists, photographers, confectioneries, decorators, etc.

Develop a marketing strategy

The best marketing for wedding venues is word of mouth, but since you don’t have the luxury of being a household name among the venue owners, you will have to rely on a good marketing strategy. Most of the soon-to-be-wed couples are looking to book their venues online, and that’s where you need to direct a large chunk of your marketing efforts. Establish a functional website, start a blog where you will share your expertise and tips on weddings, and enter the social media universe. Research the rules of every social media, and form a strategy accordingly. As for the offline marketing, partner with vendors, such as bridal shops, and ask them to distribute your fliers and coupons.

Running a Wedding Venue: Top 5 Must-dos
Running a Wedding Venue

Use a good venue management software

The thing about every new business is that it soon becomes overwhelming to track and manage sales and bookings, particularly if you don’t have previous experience with such tasks. An excellent venue management software can help you with bookings, timelines, sales, and more. Some of the popular event management platforms include Eventbrite, Gather, Cvent, Picatic and Eventzilla. Research each of them and choose the one that suits you the best.

Starting a wedding venue business requires determination and hard work. These must-dos are only the essential things that will help you get started. Soon enough, you will have to tackle other seemingly less important things, like the choice of menu, interior design, sound system, furniture and similar.

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