5 Must-Haves for Your Winter Wedding

Your Winter Wedding

Snowy Matrimony: 5 Must-Haves for Your Winter Wedding


Though many people plan summer or spring weddings, winter weddings are incredibly romantic.


The crisp weather gives guests the chance to get cozy while the natural white and gray hues of winter make bold colors stand out. Impress your wedding guests this winter with these five winter wedding must-haves.


Keep the Food Warm and Cozy

Instead of cold cut appetizers and cocktails, try embracing the warmth of the season with a warm cocktail menu. To drink, try warm apple cider or a hot cocoa bar complete with hot cocoa and dishes of marshmallow, crushed peppermint candies, sprigs of mint, chocolate shavings and whipped cream for guests to serve themselves with. Appetizers may include pomegranate-topped melted Brie with crackers or warm risotto balls with Parmesan shavings.


Stay Safe by Providing Transportation

Staying safe in winter weather can prove problematic when guests leave a reception late and must face icy road conditions. Provide transportation for your guests back to their hotel to help prevent accidents and keep your loved one safe on the road. If hiring drivers is out of the budget, providing valet services can prevent guests from having to find parking and walking on icy sidewalks.


Keep the Cake Clean and Classic

A classic white cake that is decorated with dark red roses or simple green ribbon can really make the colors stand out without seeming overdone. If you want to omit the colors and opt for an all-white cake, ask your bakers to sprinkle some edible silver powder over the cake to give it a romantic sheen. Small snowflakes made from fondant or gum paste can then be added to keep with the snowy theme. Classic silver or gold-plated cake knives will make for a memorable cutting.


Add Ice to Your Centerpieces

Bring the cold weather inside to your guests by adding ice to your centerpieces. Vases sculpted from ice filled with red or white flowers will keep with the wedding theme. Surrounding the vases with small votive candles can create a warm ambiance.


Take Extra Care during Wedding Photographs

Winter weddings call for striking photographs of the wedding party and family outside in the winter weather. Keep your guests warm by setting up heat lamps for them to huddle up around when it’s not their turn to be in photographs. Keep the bride warm with a cozy cape that is sewn in the same style as her dress.

These must-haves for your winter wedding will help ensure that not only do your guests have a wonderful time, but that guests will stay safe as they travel and wait for photographs in the chilly conditions.

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