5 Ways to Pull Off aSurprise Proposal After You’ve Been Caught

5 Ways to Pull Off a ‘Surprise’ Proposal After You’ve Been Caught

5 Ways to Pull Off a ‘Surprise’ Proposal After You’ve Been Caught

Not all surprise proposals go as smoothly as the ones you see in the movies. No matter how discreetly you plan the moment that you’re going to pop the question, there’s always the possibility that your partner will discover what you’re up to. Someone could have spilled the beans, your actions could have given away that you’re cooking up something, or your partner could have discovered the blue sapphire engagement ring you thought you’ve hidden perfectly. What matters is this: your partner knows about the upcoming proposal.

Does this mean that everything is ruined? Definitely not. You can still pull off a surprise proposal even though your loved one has an idea of what’s in store. Here’s a list of what you can do:

5 Ways to Pull Off a Surprise Proposal After You’ve Been Caught
Surprise Proposal

1. Don’t panic, and find out what your partner knows.

If you’re planning on proposing, then there’s a good chance that the two of you have discussed your future plans together. As such, the proposal shouldn’t come out of the blue, and your partner knowing shouldn’t stop you from making the moment a special one for the two of you. In fact, many couples shop for engagement rings together—a sure sign that a proposal is in the works.

However, even if your partner knows a thing or two, you can still make a surprise out of it. Chances are that your partner only knows a few details, which still leaves a lot of room for you to plan something special and make your beloved drop his or her jaw once you pop the question.

2. Consider adding more pizzazz to the original plan.

How you’ll tweak your proposal depends on how much information your significant other knows. If the entirety of your plan has been exposed, then it’s up to you to make up for it by going the extra mile or turning the whole plan upside down altogether.

If you’ve planned for a grand proposal in public, change it to a more personal one that’s peppered with elements that mean much to the two of you. You can also involve other people to make it grander and more elaborate than you initially planned. For example, you can record personal messages and well-wishes from people who are important to the two of you and play it before or after the proposal.

3. Keep them guessing about the date.

If the proposal’s date has been compromised, consider proposing earlier or later to keep it a surprise. This will make it more unpredictable. Even if your significant other know that a proposal is coming, they won’t be able to guess exactly when you’ll get on your knee. However, avoid delaying the proposal for a long time, as this may cause your sweetheart to overthink.

4. Make the ‘discovery’ a part of your initial plan.

If you’re not someone who feels comfortable telling a “white lie” to your darling, you may want to skip this part. You can use the unintended revelation to draw your partner away from your ‘real’ plan. While your partner is counting on something else, quickly come up with another plan that they’re not expecting.

If one of your friends or family was the initial culprit for ruining the surprise, you can engage them and together you can come up with a brilliant ‘comeback’ plan to make it seem like it was all planned from the very beginning.

5. Consider a do-over.

After you’ve invested a lot of time and effort into a surprise proposal, it’s normal to feel like you have to take things from the beginning. Re-proposing might sound ridiculous at first, but creating a fresh memory with your loved one never is. It can be your second chance to plan things out even better.

Ruined Surprises Can Be Mended

Most people feel pressured about making the big proposal as surprising and special as possible. And when someone or something ruins it, it’s normal to feel a little hopeless. Fortunately, you can always bounce back and still surprise the love of your life. Don’t overthink it. Even if some details were found out, your partner will surely appreciate the thought and effort you put into all that planning.

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