Things to Make Your Wedding Day Even More Special

Things to Make Your Wedding Day Even More Special

Your Wedding Day

Few would argue that your wedding day is a big deal because it truly is. Ask anyone getting ready to say “I do” about making the event a gorgeous spectacle, and they will probably reveal that special touches matter. You want your nuptials to be perfect, your wedding party to be appreciated and your guests to enjoy the day. You have tons on your mind already, so here are a few things to make your wedding day that more special.

Video Booth

If you’re looking for something new and modern, why not add a video booth at the reception?

Video and/or photo booths are affordable rentals, and it adds a fun accent to your wedding day. Your guests will have a ball popping into the booth to leave you and your partner happy wishes, sage advice, and their personal messages.

Post-wedding, you will have these wonderful videos to look back on as family and friends wish you well and include funny stories, messages of inspiration and love, and maybe a drunken toast or two.

Pet Participation

Your pet is considered family, and some couples want their dog, cat, bird, or any other amazing animal to play a part during the nuptials or even in the engagement.

For instance, a well-trained dog would enhance the ceremony as it walks down the aisle with a wagging tail to serve as your ring bearer. You could dress your pet up in a cute costume and let them entertain your wedding guests during the reception.

Having your fur baby present and posing in your engagement photos is another cool idea to consider.

Experienced Photographer

Whatever you do, wedding experts recommend never skimping when it comes to wedding photography services. It’s all about an experienced professional who can deliver those special, precious moments when you tie the knot.

Every couple walking down that aisle wherever that maybe deserves unique and striking imagery and the finest service these experts can create.

This is perhaps, the most important day of your life, and the right photographer will have the skills, background, and artistry to mark the occasion in a spectacular way.

Things to Make Your Wedding Day Even More Special
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Cocktail-Hour Fun

Who doesn’t enjoy an outdoor cocktail hour, right?

This time, add a little activity to that lounging menu.

Your guests will have a blast playing some classic lawn games besides mingling and sipping champagne. Set up stations for games like croquet or badminton, and how about some Jenga?

Live Painting

Another fab idea is hiring an artist to live to paint the ceremony and/or reception. The finished product will surely make for a lovely and romantic wedding keepsake or heirloom.

The artist would bring their own supplies such as an easel, canvas, paints, etc.

Family-Style Dinner

At most nuptials, when it comes to the dinner, guests are used to being served a traditional three-course meal.

Why not get a bit creative, and have a family-style serving so that your guests can enjoy a more intimate gathering. That way, you can mix up your couples, and they can enjoy conversations among different guests.

A family-style wedding dinner is an excellent ice-breaker for guests who don’t know each other, and the passing of plates helps break up the event’s formality.

Details both large and small make any wedding a memorable time. The great thing about your nuptials is all of the creative options you can choose to make your wedding day even more special. You can follow tradition with a few modern touches along the way. It’s your day, make it personal, and live in the moment!

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