Questions One Should Ask While Choosing Wedding Reception Caterers

Questions One Should Ask While Choosing Wedding Reception Caterers!

Questions One Should Ask While Choosing Wedding Reception Caterers!

One of the main elements in a wedding or a reception that is distinctly remembered by the guests is food. Hence, when you are thinking about food for your wedding day, you have to be well-planned. While you take charge of the food menu, you will have to choose wedding reception caterers who will help you deliver it. Also, one should not forget that apart from the venue and decoration, it is the food that takes up a huge chunk of the budget. Therefore, you need to be very careful about whom you employ for the food.

Unless you strike the right chord with the wedding caterers, you will never be able to get what you want. Here are few questions that you should be asking all the wedding reception caterers before settling on a good one:

#1. Do you specialize in any specific food type or cuisine?

This is the significant question that any person should be starting with. Only when you are settled with this one, you can think of moving ahead with the rest of the questionnaire. Sometimes people book the wedding reception caterers and later realize that they are good only with baked goods or starter course but not with the entire menu. Also, if you are planning to have a theme-based food or a specific cuisine, then you should be making it clear to the caterer. Unless the catering service takes up the responsibility that it is given with, you should carry on with your search.

#2. Would you allow to taste the food?

No matter how great the reviews are you will not take any risk especially for the food on your wedding reception. Hence, go for the wedding reception caterers who allow their potential clients to taste the food before it is served. It is possible that you might have a list of foods in your mind while planning for a menu but after tasting some of their dishes, you might want to change it a bit. Also, you will know if the caterer will be able to match the standards that you expect.

Questions One Should Ask While Choosing Wedding Reception Caterers

#3. Will you offer professional stewards or hosts?

Many wedding reception caterers take up the duty of only preparing the food, delivering it to the venue, and setting up the food. But, when it comes to hosting and serving the guests, you will have to employ separate services. This can become a lot problematic on an actual day as you might not have the time to manage all these things. Hence, it is better to hire a catering service that will offer you comprehensive service of not only delivering the food but also serving it.

Questions One Should Ask While Choosing Wedding Reception Caterers

#4. How will you charge for the services?

Many wedding reception caterers come up with a payment scheme. Once you confirm on the services, they would charge you an advance amount or a token as a confirmation. The rest of the payment would be broken up in installments. This way, the caterers have the assurance that you will not back out. But, you need to be very clear about the payment style. Will the caterer accept check or would want to be paid in cash? Do not keep any payment for the last minute. Clear all the payment procedures in advance so that you do not have to deal with any last-minute hassles.

When there is clarity in interaction, you will be able to choose a caterer who will fulfill your requirement to the best. Also, you will not have any issues regarding the taste of the food or in entertaining the guests. While you enjoy the happiest moment of your life, your guests will be taken care by these professionals.

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