Wedding Catering Tips That Will Make You the Newlywed Couple of The Year

Wedding Catering Tips That Will Make You the Newlywed Couple of The Year

Wedding Catering Tips That Will Make You the Newlywed Couple of The Year 

When it comes to wedding events, one of the main concerns for the organizer is food. Since such events are very special, so you ensure that every guest is treated with respect and love. Some people prefer to seek the help of professional caterers, but some people believe it’s just waste of money and try doing it themselves. Also, preparing for wedding event is not done in a rush, it takes a lot of planning and time and it is always advisable to hire professional wedding catering services because you cannot put your reputation at risk just because of the bad catering services, irrespective of all the brilliant music and innovative activities, if the food is not good, the party is not just right. So, follow these wedding catering tips that will make your guests the wedding as much as you will.

Go with the seasonal options

The quality and taste of the food depends upon the quality of ingredients used while preparation. And, seasonal foods have more nutrients and taste better than foods grown out of the season. So, before you finalize everything, it is recommended to have a word with your wedding catering and discuss your requirements like what foods, spices, etc. should be used. This way you can indulge your guests with an assortment of fresh and seasonal food enriched with supreme taste and a healthy quality.

Create a theme for your event

Try not to turn the menu into a worldwide buffet. Not everyone gets along well with everything. Initially, a diverse menu is going to intrigue your guests, but its best to have a theme that draws all cuisine together. Select a cuisine such as oriental, continental, middle-eastern, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Indian or American. Then base all your food courses, starting from appetizers through desserts, based on that particular genre of cuisine.

Additionally, sticking to a specific cuisine will also save you on the budget for your wedding catering. Different cuisines need different food materials and spices. But, when you stick to a particular cuisine, your caterer will require similar food materials and spices throughout. Which consequently will increase your savings for your honeymoon?

Diversify just enough

Choosing a menu before eating is often a dilemma faced by many. Give your guests the option of many food items, but also the direction. A particular type of cuisine for your wedding catering can have a wide range of options, which is why, you need to enforce boundaries. Say, for example the cuisine of your choice avails 10 to 12 kinds of starter, now do not go full blast and include all of them in your menu, rather, restrict the menu to 3 to 4options. This way your guests get both the appealing sense of diversity and a direction to their decision.

Wedding Catering Tips That Will Make You the Newlywed Couple of The Year
Wedding Catering Tips

Go for buffet

Serving platters is the most cost-efficient way of serving food when it comes to small events. But for a larger gathering, such as weddings, a platter service is a waste of money. Adding the buffet food catering system sincerely cut on the wastage of food, and is also help save money. In a buffet food system your guests will have freedom to fill their plates with only their choice of food items. On any day that is more comforting, than having people come up to you with food offerings repeatedly and you saying them no repeatedly. 

Gluten free and vegan options

The food preference options in a wedding catering are a very important to consider from a guest’s perspective. Vegans especially, carry a lot of dread in their heart whenever they visit an event with the potentiality of hosting a meal. Therefore, keeping your vegan guests in mind you should also add vegan food dishes to your food palette, which are gluten free and low in carbohydrates.

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